It seems I Fixed it

So I bedded my .308 Howa because it was shooting like shit. Also replaced the pic rail with a one piece mount.

About 10 shots at 100m at around a 1 inch spread.
The flier is an unrelated shot from a .22.
The outliers in the main group were definitely caused by me.
She shoots quite nicely now

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You should have said that the inner 10 ring were sighting-in shots and outer 10 flyer is the ten-shot group hehehehe.

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Noice… Good work, mate.

Good to know that you got it fixed.
But, how do you know which of those two remedies actually fixed it?
If there’s a problem, change ONE thing and see if that’s the cure. If not, go on to the next possibility.
Given that you have what appears to be a laminated stock, which are not known for causing problems unless there’s some obviously bad issue, maybe it was only the scope mount that was the problem?
With any problem, one thing at a time.

I covered it in another post. The inletting was slightly out of square, causing the action to twist slightly when the action screws were torqued up. This in turn was causing the bolt to slightly bind when trying to cycle. The aluminium pic rail had also chaffed out where the locking bolts for the scope rings attached. I had a new one piece mount lying around so I mounted it. Two problems solved.

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If I were you I’d be very happy with that for hunting.