Is private individual allowed to make ammunition with intent to sell?

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After talking to few shooters at the range, @Brett, @GUN-DMC and other bad influencers, it got me thinking… Yes, danger ahead!

I load for a few outdated calibers and I am sure there’s a demand for it. Judging by the existence of the Unique Munitions dude, there probably is…

Victoria specific question
I wonder what does the law say? Am I allowed to load cartridges with intent to sell? Ignoring liability/insurance, propellent storage requirements and all other ‘on the periphery’ matters, is this something that’s allowed? Not allowed? What paperwork/process would be needed? Etc.

Without looking at the Act, most states requure a dealers licence for such activities. @Brett will know what section to look at as i believe he is set up to this himself.

Not sure about Mexico but in NSW your firearms license covers you for the reloading part. Once you want to sell for $$ then you need to have an “Ammunition Purchase & Sell Permit” which is a $75 fee from memory and a pile of paperwork. The most difficult aspect in NSW is that you need to be “Sponsored” by a licensed firearms dealer who is will to supply a letter of intent to purchase ammunition from you. No drama in my case as I’m good friends with a dealer and was already reloading for him anyway. I did get a lot of push back and questions from the registry as this was not a usual request they dealt with and I had to submit a document outlining my intentions if granted a permit. I was initially informed that my chances were not looking good but unexpectedly the permit arrived in the mail :slight_smile:
The best part is that I can purchase any ammunition I like with it, even the naughty 50AE & 500 S&W along with the ability to purchase components at wholesale. It’s not impossible to get but you need to understand the process and know what the registry require for a successful application.

I’ve looked through all the forms and what not… Hence I’m asking, because I can’t find anything that explicitly states that there should be a permit…

Vic Firearms Act, part 3:

Section 58AA defines carrying out a business in dealing in firearms to include selling cartridge ammunition. Subsequent sections outline requirements for securing a dealer’s licence.

PS: not a lawyer.

Just found this thread now, sorry if you’ve made up your mind, but there is a firearms dealer in Maryborough called Golden Flash Cartidges that does exactly that. They reload at least 40 different cartridges, including a few obsolete and wildcats. The business was up for sale on ozgunsales so that could be an issue, but here’s a link to their site

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They are still there, they have a buyer but apparently financing is an issue at the moment.

Ah, righto. Well good luck to them and I’ll have to see what changes


@Brett naughty .50AE and .500?