Is 223 used in any sports (Australia specific)?

Something I’ve been meaning to ask… Does anyone know if a 223 cartridge is used in any sports/competitions, other than hunting. Obviously, there are a lot in USA and on occasion there is rifle IPSC in Australia, but other than that - anything to share?

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Its allowed to be use and there are a couple of people I know using them but the majority favor the 308 over the 223.

If you have a medical issue is the most common reason people switch to them. Great at the shorter ranges but do get let down at the longs.

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F class standard 223 is a VRA class limited to 223 or 308.

Oops! What @danmac said…

The gap is not as bad as i thought it would be…Ive seen the 223 shoot some pretty impressive scores at 900yds, and outscore the 308. But…the 308 just does it better, i think.

Under good conditions I have seen them score well at 1000 yrds but when things get nasty They take more of a beating than the 308.

Yeah spot on!

222 and 223 are the most commonly used in field rifle and 3P.

Cheap and low recoil. Not so much after the most accurate as it is all positional shooting.

Literally just got home from the state titles actually.


Well done get em framed up and up on the wall.

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Great job @Gregfiddich, straight to the pool room mate!

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Thanks guys. Been going okay the last couple of years, at the point of tiny little improvements and costly little mistakes now so will take a bit to get to AA.

The discipline is going okay but we just aren’t getting the numbers to the state and national events that we’d like. If people stop attending states then the national body will drop it.

222 would have the most medal count but that is only due to the age of most top shooters and what was popular when they started. The 223 is coming along with the younger crowd.


Yeah id like to have a go at Field Rifle…I was told 222 is the tool of choice…rightly so…its got the accuracy records…

Just can’t walk into the shop and buy it any more, 223 makes much more sense.

.223 rifles can be used for the Pot Rifle match (basically “any gun you have in the safe” match) in Big Game Rifle competitions, and the Remington 7615 in .223 can also be used in Service Rifle matches too.