Introducing.......REPACK BOX AMMO STORAGE!

Hi, Im Troy McClure. You might know me as the jizz flinging ladies man from the north, but tonight Im here to help you repack your ammunition LIKE A PRO.

If you don’t suffer from OCD, you will now! And if you do you better call the hospital because this kit is making me lumpy!

Also available on US eBay and elsewhere.

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That’s nice dear. Little old, but that’s nice. Sistema (square) boxes from any supermarket holds up to 450 rounds, they are stackable, removable and air tight. Not to mention clear, so you can see inside. Pffft. N00b.

I’m assuming that site is based in the US? It’s a great idea but I’m not buying anything off anyone who can’t even put something as simple as “Where they’re located” on their website somewhere that’s easy to find.

sheeesh. I thought I was OCD, but this… At like $4 for a paper box, wow.

All my loaded ammo goes straight in my pockets and lives there, empty case go straight in the tumbler (pronounced “back of the ute”…

Thats the loading tray price I think. The 9mm 50round boxes are about $0.26usd each.

The trays are just to assist loading.

Oooohhh ok ok this um hrmm um hrmm, don’t do this to reloading OCD people, it’s not nice!