interesting Vid

just a interesting vid I stumbled upon while going down the rabbit hole


Heh, AwakenWithJP videos make an appearance on the forum from time to time. This specific one, when I watched it was a bit of a predictable moment, I felt that it was long time coming. I’ve been watching his stuff for a while, it was really obvious to watch how the pandemic changed his outlook and his content. A very obvious transition from left of centre, to a more conservative or libertarian mentality. Probably worth pointing out that he’s an entertainer (and a good one I think), so who knows if this is an act to accommodate the new audience (I think he moved to Texas) or an actual change in his thought process. There were small inklings of that throughout his videos leading up to this one. Who knows… Wearing a Black Rifle Coffee logo while saying sorry, I just don’t know, seems like there’s a sponsorship deal in there as well. Regardless, he’s pretty funny, highly recommend :slight_smile: