Interarms Mark X 223

So I traded another rifle that wasn’t getting much use for this Interarms 223. Picked it up today and gave it a good clean that it desperately needed. Took the old 3-9 x 32 Tasco scope off and put my spare scope on it (I’m not a fan of this scope, so it will probably get replaced with something else).

I got 100 rounds of ammo as part of the trade but didn’t really expect much from it

But, it was better than I expected. This is a bunch of 3 shot groups at 100 m using the tray on my ute as a bench, which is not ideal.

I think this old girl might be a keeper. Love the classic lines, wood and blued steel for me…


Always liked Zastava rifles, good value for money. As for the ammo, it is made at Lake City, the US Military Arsenal using US 5.56 machinery and components apart from the Hornady bullet so it should shoot better than most civilian ammo, Cheers.

I’m picking up a Mark X in 25-06 next week, so this is good news for me

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I’d be happy with those groups. I assume they are 100 yards? What did it cost if you don’t mind?

Groups were 100 m.

Shop price for the rifle was $450 with the Tasco scope. I got my money back on the other rifle that I traded so I was happy with that and did a swap for the ammo

What a good score, all those pommy mausers actions are under valued I reckon.

Yugo Mausers, made in Serbia.

I agree, a good buy.

There you go I always thought they were pommy.

Action made in Yugoslavia, rifle put together in England.

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So, this rifle will definitely shoot. The ejector seems to tear a little sliver of brass off of the ejected case. Something to look into… Now I need to work out what scope I want on it, I realised today why this zeiss became my spare scope.

That looks like it’ll do the job mate.

Just watched Aussie Reviews of the Zastava M85 in 22 Hornet, if that’s the same breed of rifle, it appears to be a good value mini mauser.i love anything that resembles an M98 Mauser