Inspections out west

Just an FYI for any forum members that live out west

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Operating Regulator, sounds like an early’90s German techno song.

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“Wilkinson emphasised that higher risk gun owners did not pose a risk to the community, but were for instance, those who owned several guns.”
Everyone I know is a high risk gun owner, lol!

WOW, never thought of it like that :roll_eyes:, but I’m sure it makes complete sense if ya on crack… :rofl:

So let me see if I understand :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… So he is effectively saying that those who own several guns, don’t pose a risk to the community… Yet feels the need to emphasise that we are, higher risk…:roll_eyes:

I’m thinking he should have just stuck with the fact that, “Gun owners did not pose a risk to the community”:smiley:



Something to say, not a very bright thing to say, but better than what I suspect he meant, to him, anyway. That western suburbs are just high crime and they want to make sure guns are locked up, maybe due to high break-ins or something. Still, c*n’t thing to say and probably needs to be reported.

I would put the other spin on it and take it as a positive thing to say. At least they are giving gun owners in this region a heads up to be a little more vigilant as we have been told to step up inspections esp if you own a lot of guns.

I did look at the regions though and the western region is from about the hume west to SA from top to bottom of the State.

And so it begins, own multiple firearms, be considered “risky”. But what risk? Not to the community says Gumbiment Mouthpiece, but then what? Higher risk of targeted theft due to our info being sold to crims by a dodgy LRD employee (known to have already happened) or just a Greenie inspired fear of multiple guns in private hands? The position against more than 1 gun has been made plain by the slime, who may hold balance of power after the next election and already in SA collectors are being told they will need to upgrade security to concrete bunkers for more than 50 firearms. I am not a conspiracy nut but yet I feel the death of a 1000 cuts being applied.