Inertia Trigger, Browning Citori Aus Spec field gun.

Last weekend busting clays, the second barrel wouldn’t always reset and Id have to manipulate the safety/slelector bar to initiate the inertia trigger to engage the second sear and fire the second barrel.

Switch firing order and similar issue.

Pulled the stock off and had a look, pretty clean. Gave it a spray with some light solvent and blew it all out. Followed up with some lube and blew it all out as well and mopped up all the excess. The inertia seems to move freely enough, but no way to gauge it . I can dry fire a barrel, and whack the buttplate firmly with an open hand and its enough to reset and fire the second barrel.

Gonna test it out tomorrow but was wondering if anyone else has had an issue similar to this with their inertia triggered under and over shotgun? Mine has about 3000 target loads through it and maybe two slabs of big goose loads.

Ive put it back together and didnt take any photos, but please enjoy these steamy naked Akkar Triple X action shots. 3 sears, 3 hammers, 3 springs. 3 timeS the HARD SLAPPING ACTION. Oooooh.


Okay, 200+ rounds later and its all good. I guess it could have been some of the Lanox I use as a protectant, that stuff does tend to gum up. Not a single issue today.

Case closed I guess.

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So glad we could help mate!

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It was a team effort.

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I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

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Any time mate.