Importing Firearm Parts

So the import permit for my t-bolt’s replacement trigger just arrived. Waht do i need to do with it now?

Last time i had one i emailed a copy to the vendor to include in the shipping so the gronks at BF saw it if they opened the package. Not sure if i need to or can do that this time around…

The fact that you have an import permit really has got nothing to do with your success.
What does matter is whether or not the vendor has an export licence. If not, they don’t care about your permit. That’s the problem for all of us at the moment. Rumour has it that those hurdles are in the process of being changed, for the better. When? We live in hope.

The vendor exports to Australia and states so on their website. $40 extra charge to Aus.

I’ve obtained B709’s in the past (if that’s what you mean) but never had to use/submit them.
I would guess that if BF pick on you they will advise and you submit as appropriate, either with the original or a scanned/emailed copy if they will accept that.
You could perhaps scan a copy and ask the vendor to include it in the package.

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Yep. B709A, Importation of Firearms - Police Confirmation and Certification.

I’ll see if there is a way i can get vendor to pack a copy.