Importing clips

Morning all,

Just wondering if anyone knows if it’s OK to import stripper clips, mosin, 303 etc, without having to complete import forms.

There are heaps on eBay from the US. I just don’t want it to get here only to find out I needed more paperwork.


I dont know if its okay, but Ive bought many from eBay international over the years. Freight forwarder doesnt seem to mind either.

Legally I think Customs could easily ask you for a b709 and theyd argue it is either ‘magazine or parts thereof’ or ‘components of ammunition’.

I think it’s worth the try plenty of people have bought them without trouble.

Yes it is. I have bought clips from the US, UK, Germany and Sweden without issue. The biggest problem I encountered is the number of US sellers who will not ship overseas, nor even allow foreign buyers to ship to a US Forwarder. Cheers.

Just a bent peice of metal :man_shrugging:

@Nomis I’m with @no1mk3 - ordered from o/s, no issues. Although, what specifically are you after, most you’ll find locally.

I’m a .303 guy, wait till one of the gun shows near you, usually its stripper clip galore for cheap

Perhaps you should try something new, @AusTac. Rice and chicken gets boring after a while. Need mix it up a little.

Yeah 303 clips were everywhere last show I was at. Have found a Carcano clip from Queensland but still looking at eBay for Mosin clips.

If you have PayPal and an internet connection , clips are very easy to source. Both locally and internationally.

I would have some K31 stripper clips. But some nerd with a plastic laser replicator wonder box apparently can’t do it. Can only make d1ld0s and small toys for the end of a pencil apparently.


Damn, like hot knife through butter, @Supaduke cuts through self esteem.

Well my .303 is actually munted so it doesn’t get used much anymore

Time for something new.

Give you 50 bucks for it then

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