If you live in WA - read this. Important.

I have copied a note that was on stalkbook from a WA firearms lawyer Ross Williamson.

Awhile ago they were sending out letters to people with very powerful firearms asking them to justify their need for it. Now their version of a very powerful firearm is something that can hit a target at over 1000m, look out every one that owns a 223 or bigger.
As you can see things are just getting better over here.

WAPOL are at it again - targeting law abiding, licensed firearms owners for no good reason.
This week they have been revoking licenses and unlawfully seizing .50 calibre rifles from people and dealers in Western Australia. So far four people have had their licenses revoked but that number is expected to rise.
The police do not want ‘Very Powerful Firearms’ (this is the phrase WAPOL uses to describe any rifle capable of hitting a target at over 1000m) in the hands of ordinary citizens. To our knowledge, every shooter affected is appealing to the State Administrative Tribunal. I am hopeful that pro-liberty parliamentarians will ask questions in parliament about this resource wasting attack on law abiding citizens. Now they are arguing in the SAT that station owners don’t have the right to sign property letters! Meanwhile, the criminals steal, bash, rob, burgle.

Save our numbers in your phone:
Ross Williamson 0407 426 796
Karrie Louden 0481 307 253

That’s madness, @1Fatman. I guess you could move to Vic as a refugee. In all seriousness though, what are the avenues that people can follow and is there a Facebook group for affected people? Maybe post this all here.

@juststarting, Moving is one option but I have been to Vic a few times and it is too bloody cold and wet plus your road rules in Melbourne give me a headache, turn right from the left lane…

Most gun shops are onto it as well as a lot of shooting clubs but Ross Williamson is the man to go to if you are one of the unlucky ones as he is quite passionate about shooting and has won many cases for the shooter.
he is also very good at wording firearms applications in the case that you may want 2 or more rifles in the same calibre.
I am not a member of SSAA so I am not sure if they are doing anything about it. ( Note to self, time to pull my finger out and join up)

I can’t think of a modern rifle that can’t touch 1000m. Even the humble 22RF has a lethal range of 2km, and a small (and very strange) group of people shoot 1000m comps with rimfire. Federal election coming, time for WA to agitate! Cheers.

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Yep. Even printed on the packet of some 22LR ammo.
Hell, if the manufacturer says so, seems like an open door to call in almost every firearm except perhaps air rifles.
It’s not just a matter of voting in the upcoming political elections, it’s more a matter of reining in the wollopers.
Time too to have the legislation amended so that you don’t have the lunacy of classifying an empty 22LR cartridge case as ammunition, amongst other stupidity.

The 22RF lethal to what a fly if the projectile fell on it.:sweat_smile:

I think it’s time you moved to Australia!

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According to the SSAA W.A stalkbook page…

“We are in discussions with Ross and others regarding this alarming issue”

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Well things are slowly happening over here, not on the stopping of large calibres but hunting.

That’s great. Booking system is stupid though. It’s like artificially limiting interest and stemming revenue, why? But, a fantastic start. I recon McKenzie had a hand in it. Quietly. At least someone is doing something.

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I will believe it when I see it but if it happens it will be good news.
Allowing Auspost to transport firearms in, out and around WA.


Round 3, now it appears that club members are also losing their .50 calls…


Last week, several members of the Ella Valla Station’s Widji Bandi shooting club had their 50 calibre rifles confiscated by police.

Members of the sport shooting club, Widji Bandi Sports Association, say they’ve been unfairly targeted.

The members were ‘club approved’ license holders, which means they can own firearms because of they are part of a recreational shooting club.

However, several club members recently received letters asking to provide information to show they’re compliant with their firearm license.

A WA Police Force Spokesperson said club members failed to provide that information, and their licenses were revoked, and firearms seized.

“The application and enforcement of firearm legislation is critical to keeping our community safe,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said it was not a general ban on 50-calibre firearms.

Lawyer Ross Williamson is representing the group, and he said clients didn’t have to provide that information, and it was unlawful to ask in the first place.

“The decision has already been made.

“The firearm license holder has already justified his reason for having it, and the police have accepted that.

“A short time later they are writing another letter saying, effectively, ‘please reapply’. The law doesn’t allow that.”

Mr Williamson is appealing the matter in the State Administrative Tribunal.

The WA Police Force is arguing the letters were part of a random license audit on club members.

Interesting, because all the power to do this is with WA Pol. I don’t think there are any legal protections. Full blown totalitarianism.

…but I bet SSAA is… Oh, never mind.