I think I need.....

I was given a mystery bullet mold at my local gun shop the other day. I just cast a bullet with it,turns out it casts a .575ish minie bullet.

Looks like I need a .58 hawken for my safe…

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Been looking at a hawken rifle myself.
Looking to dabble in BP and get myself a nice muzzle loader.

Breach loading BP!


Don’t be like that. Little 577 carbine… Sexy.

If I owned one I would load it with smokeless


Practical. I’ve fired enough blackpowder shotshells to know I hate cleaning it out of breech loading firearms.

I just shoot BP for fun, no way I’d go hunting with one…

Shit,I don’t have guns just for fun. They all go hunting,just some more than others

Some like target shooting more than hunting, takes all sorts, mate.

Never said it didn’t

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Anyway, breach loading BP, @Supaduke ! I know you want one, a Snider or Martini-Henry… Yeah, I know what you really really want.

I would get a martini Enfield.
Loading for .577 is just too much work for me, would never shoot it.

Sure, sure. You say that now. But you have an Enfield and imagine if you had Martini Enfield. Then you are like, damn I only need two (Snider, MH) more to complete the Enfield breach loading timeline. We both know you won’t stop there :smiley:

All my money is going to renovation at the moment. Will do a thread on it.

You know you want a front stuffer.

Same here.

I have a bit of an itch for a BP as well but I think it will be a breech loader first. I need to learn a lot more about them before I take that leap otherwise I can see a lot of money going out the door finding out what I need to scratch the itch.

A muzzleloader is easier imo