I just bought a Turkish Mauser in 8mm. Help.

Was at my LGS today and they’d had a woman bring an unregistered 1933 Turkish Mauser in her deceased husband owned.

They really didn’t want to hold onto it. Pretty well no collector’s around here and no one else would want it.

Owner offered to sell it to me for $110, including the transfer fee, as is. I caved and said yes. It’s dirty but seems complete and the bore is dark but I can see rifling.

What do I need to know about these? It’s in 8mm Mauser, is this actually still around as factory ammo or will I have to reload for it? How does one check the headspace?


$110 I would of bought it pretty much sight unseen. Pull it apart check for hidden rust and stock splits. Does the bolt match? Does the bolt rattle back and forward when it’s locked up? Little bit of side to side is ok. A floppy bolt when the action is open is also not uncommon.

No cracks from what I saw but I’ll get it out of the stock as soon as I get it home.

The bolt seemed to lock up tight. Dry fires fine but the trigger is heavy. I suppose that’s just what you get with these.

I didn’t check the numbers as I was going to buy it if they matched or not. Will check that also.

For that price, mate you can’t loose!

Looks like they do still make factory ammo, but it certainly isn’t cheap.

Seems to be just over $2 a round.

You should be able to pick PPU a bit cheaper than that.

$27/20 at Rebel

PPU is generally very good, excellent brass for reloading and more than adequate for plinking with a Milsurp. Expensive ammo for milsurps is generally a waste of money.


Oh wow, PPU seem to be a lot cheaper for all the different calibres.

Is there a particular reason why? Or is it just Eastern European labour savings?

Dunno, I am just happy to reap the savings and get good brass in the bargain mate :+1:

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Will call around local shops tomorrow and see if anyone has the PPU.

Anyone have thoughts on checking the headspace?

@Nomis has my trajectory, lol. It’s a pretty good ride lol.

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Not sure with rifle cartridges but in 9mm the PPU is very dirty. Fills up the barrel with crap and is very smokey, but as stated the brass is great to reload.

Same in rifles… PPU makes really hard to find ammo and it has excellent brass, but it is very, very dirty. Accurate enough, though.


I’ve been chasing a Turk Mauser for a couple of weeks now, just to go against everything my forefathers taught me lol “ never touch Turkish guns” is ringing in my mind lol. Good luck with it @Nomis should be a lot of fun!

Good score cant go wrong for that price. Hope you post up some picture when you get it.

Will do. Might be a few weeks before I get a chance to pick it up. Moving house in two weeks so packing like mad at the moment.

Welp, here it is.

1933 Turkish Mauser. Nothing on it matches. The sights are in our numbering system and go out to 2000 meters.

It’s pretty rough and it’s going to be a while before I can get into and give it a good clean. The bore is pitch black but I can see rifling.

Anyone know much about Turk Mausers? Let me know if you have any info. It was very much an impulse buy so pretty well know nothing about it.


The rifle looks really good even if the numbers dont match. It was a pretty common thing for a lot of milsurps. Just a word of caution, dont shoot any gun in the rest you have. It will put a lot of strain on the stock, guns really do need to recoil. The trick is to control the recoil ideally staying on target as the gun recoils back.

I managed to crack a stock this year and that was always held against my shoulder shooting prone. The stock did take a lot of the recoil as I was holding it tight.