I have a theory

Gather round everyone, for I have a theory! Untested, unresearched and unhinged but still a theory. Here goes…

You ever work up a load for a rifle and find it just won’t show any real tightening of the groups across a span of say eight to ten charges?

Seems like they all hover around the same centre to centre spread even when you can clearly see some sort of nodes appearing?

What Ive noticed when looking back through old photos of groups is that there seems to be a pattern concerning rhe nodes. You get like three in the same hole and two or one flyers that ruins the group.

I suspect this is not the fault of the components of the barreled action or my loading, but more likely rhe whole thing failing to return to battery properly in the factory stock. I’ve noticed that after bedding, the nodes that had generally tight groups with 1 flyer would tighten up the most and return a really right group that you could shoot 10 times and get a consistent 1/2 inch to 7/8 group.

What say you lads?

I have a 30-06 that I shot groups with (180g HotCors with 57-62g of 2209) and found the sweet spot developing at the just over book limit values (where it always lands for me, go figure) but still producing flyers when I was doing my part.

You could well be onto something there, mate. Have you ended up bedding that 30-06?

No, but thanks for reminding me! I’m trying to think what got in the way…Im going to go with Wet Season and it just being too farking hot. The weather has cooled down a lot now, no vinegary balls by 10.30am can pretty much go the whole day with just one shower.

Time for bench, chrony and buying up all the JB Weld at supercheap :slight_smile:

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Maybe even start with giving the inlet a good inspection and debuting/scraping any dodgy or uneven looking spots and then torquing the action down and seeing what happens.
The smallest piece of crap could interfere with a clean return to battery.

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