I find this weird

I bought a Sako 7mm rem mag last year and working through finding a load i settled on a load of 154gr hornady sp flat base and this is when it got weird out of fl base i got onto some bt’s same weight ,maker everything but the f/base but they shot 2’’-3’’ could not get them closer so ordered fb recieved them made ammo and bingo .5’’ same as previous fb so went on a fact finding mission with several weights and types and fb were hands down by at least 1’’ better than bt so just wondering anybody else found similar with their calibers with fb-bt or is it just plain weird on my part :upside_down_face:
My 7mag absolutely prefers fl to bt without doubt Cheers :+1:

Im not sure about all the parameters and I believe that it is the combination of weight, twist rate and length of the bullet. The important factor that can help in counteract the others is bearing surface.

The FB can work better at the shorter range but will have more drag and not have the longer range performance. But if a BT doesn’t work at short distance it is not going to at long distance either.

Fair nuf mate I have pushed the fb to 545m for a 46mm group the bt’s were 230mm-260mm
big difference my twist rate is 1-9 abouts and run 69gr in both fb-bt not complaining just didn’t have the answers to why but she’s a lazer with fb still :+1:

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It is weird because my 6.5x55 is the other way around. BT are deadly accurate but the FB are like using a shotgun.

It is a known fact, especially among 303 shooters, that for some unknown reason some rifles prefer FB projies over BT’s. I have some 2 groove No4’s and 2 of them will not shoot BT’s at any range but love FB’s right out to 600 yards. same with a couple of Mausers I have, Cheers.

Yeah i have a Sako mod 85 22-250 and it to loves fb rather than bt i wonder if it has something to do with some of the bt’s are not true on the tail end
I have actually sent a couple of box’s of 25-06 bt’s back to the shop because they were at least a 1/32 out of true on the tail end
Had no trouble with shop owner it blew him away as well