'I didn't see it coming', uh, right in the...

‘I didn’t see it coming’: Shooters lead candidate knifed ahead of state election

Love it! It’s happening! And well over due.

I think this photo is a good analogy.


A past-due-date politician standing in front of past-due-date old bangers. Kind of tells it all. I know, I know, it’s some stock photo they had on file or maybe not, either way, good one.

Why? Why should he be dumped and what’s wrong with the cabinet he is standing in front of in that pic?
Kind’a looks like some of your rifles to me…:face_with_head_bandage:

My rifles, at least ones you are referring to are old, obsolete and outdated.

As for general, why? I think it’s time for a change, at a very minimum someone who is a lot more aggressive, has a lot more media training and doesn’t get flustered. Will it be the new guys? Don’t know. Could be the worst thing ever, but change is good and needed.

Totally. We need better representation in general… as Australians.