I bought some severed heads

I bought some foam mannequin heads covered in a black velvet substance. I bought 5 for about $40-$50 delivered.

Really makes my helmet collection pop. No doubt the gas mask in all its glory will freak out the missus.


Wheres the white guy?!

They guy in the mask identifies as a white guy called Vladimir.

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Really like them. Would feel strange buying them, they feel like girl stuff to buy next it maybe finger nail polish. :grin: Not that there is anything wrong with that for others just my feeling count too.

They really do add to the displaying of the helmets and the gas mask well just wouldnt have the “look” that it does now.

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Pretty happy how they turned out. I did unfortunately rip a chunk of latex off the gas mask. Not a big deal, it’s on the other side. I just cruise eBay on occasion looking for interesting stuff that’s reasonably cheap. No interest in paying top dollar for original WW2 helmets etc. A lot of the post war and cold war stuff is the same design and profile as wartime stuff but 1/10th the price. I just like interesting stuff that’s cool to look at or talk about.

Ummm that could be a really big deal if the time came that you needed to put it on. :grin:


Already tried, I suffer from large melon syndrome and sadly the far majority of Milsurp equipment does not fit me , not even close. So I will just breathe deeply and make it quicker.

My two spares, is this how Jeffery Dahmer felt?

How about this for an awesome description of a replica helmet.

"This is the replica US Army M1 steel helmet in the WWII, which is exactly the same as the original helmet, it can be said the 100% original M1 helmet, no matter the body deep or any details, you can not easily tell the difference!
If you are a really fans of the US Army in the WWII, this helmet must be your best choose. You will never repent when you get it!

Material:Special armor plate
Capability:Defend stray bullet, canister etc.
Use:Collection, Survival game in the field etc.
Size:Medium (59-63cm)
Total Weight:about 1750g
Package include :
1 x M1 Green Helmet"

And remember guys, NEVER REPENT!


Funny you should say that. I was recently in Cambodia and if you are in the know you can buy anything. so this time I bought a Field dress hat looks fancy General Type a few Arm patches for regiment and country ect a few belts and some pocket hangers all real. Anyway the hat must be a Generals as it is too small for any western persons head or anyone with the head size to contain much grey matter. I didnt get the full uniform as they are all custom made and I didnt want to wait.

Oh yeah all police stuff on sale as well. Army or Police you buy your way in to a position normally and pay for your own gear. Some of that is changing but certainly that was how it used to be.

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So @Supaduke are you gunna start wearing these up the shops now?