Hunting -WA - how does a non retard make some decent contacts?


So I’m not from WA - I grew up in North Queensland and came here in my 20s for work.

I understand people are reluctant to take new people out shooting with them and potentially lose access to properties if someone with them acts like a dick.

How would someone with no contacts make some?

Difficulty - I don’t have facebook and I don’t want it.

I live and work in Perth and shoot regularly at pistol club. From a young age I was taught not to be a fuckhead with firearms and I’m not.

I have property letters and suitable firearms but teeing up a time to go shoot on those properties just hasn’t happened in the last two years.

A bunch of others have said yeah here’s my number I’ll take you out but then don’t return calls.

I’d really like to get into pest control on weekends. Even start by just tagging along to help and not actually shoot.
I’m in my 30s and have young kids and my intention is to pass this part of my heritage down to them eventually.

This is a pretty typical issue in WA I know.

So what would you do?

Hey mate,

That problem is not unique to WA. Its the same here in SA, and everywhere else in the world where public land hunting isnt an option.

Honestly, if you really want to hunt, stop waiting for an invite, and make it happen for yourself. Either coin up and pay for access, or pick an area that is close enough to home that you will get there regularly, and go knock on doors. Be polite and respectful, expect to get rejected. Wear everyday clothes, dont rock up in a car that screams “redneck”. Seriously consider taking your kids with you and talk about wanting your kids to have a connnection with the land and where food comes from.

Put yourself in the landowners shoes. How would you want to be approached, why might you let someone on your property. For the farmer, your a risk, not an opportunity. Offer them something other than walking around with guns that makes you worth the risk. You will get lots of “no”. Some of those “no’s” will be polite, some not. Once you get one property, word spreads and the neigbours that said no when you knocked on the door might now say yes if you ask again, cause “Joe” now knows you and said your actually a good bloke.

I understand your hesitation with social media, but it can be a useful way to find people who you might want to reach out to. I have made a lot of very good contacts and people I now regard as great friends via instagram.

If this process is not for you, hurry up and wait for invites, or coin up and pay for access.

Offer them something other than walking around with guns that makes you worth the risk.

Yeah, I’ve seen this a bit on FB groups where people post asking for property access.

The people that actually get responses are usually tradies or vets who are willing to work in exchange for shooting permissions.

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Maybe join a hunting club even, or move to Victoria.

Yup, that’s pretty reasonable imo

Like in the original post I said I’m willing to put in the time NOT walking around with a firearm to get there

One other thing I meant to ask is does the SSAA “farmer connect” program bear any fruit or is it just some words on a website that sound good?