Hunting stories, Pic's and Tips

Okies, so went goat chasing with @GUN-DMC. I guess part of that story is up there…

Got to the sight, dropped everything off and went for a quick looksie see. Found some…

I must admit, I’ve lost one and wasn’t too happy about that. Black goat, fading light and heaps of shrub, it didn’t look good in the evening. We did try to find it in the morning, but more on that later.

…here’s the second one I took a shot at, he was just checking things out, seeing where the shots are coming from…


…blah, blah, blah, set up camp and here’s the last great white hunter surveying his domain.


Talked some shit, went to bed, woke up, -3C and the gas stove froze, so we cheated a little and warmed up in the car.

In the morning, went looking for the goat I’ve lost. Couldn’t find that specific one, so to make me feel better @GUN-DMC took it upon himself to replace the lost one with two new ones. Which he did.

We found this little guy who was hissing at me and showing off his blue tongue. The moment I pointed the camera at him, he’d shut his damn mouth and just look at me. This went on for a while! At the end, he was just messing with my head, so I decided not be friend with him and we went on our way.

Later, found more goats…



Why is there Mr Tickle mug there? Why not!

The one on the very right was the first one to fall, about 100m. Walked over to it, in a little deep, only to hear @GUN-DMC yell-whispering that there were more below me. He was on a hill behind me.

Stuck my head up and there they are, 20m. Berry, the one on the very left went down next. There were about 5-10 of them. They just stood there looking at him, thinking, why did you fall over Berry, never mind the couple of gun shots that just rang out. Decided to take a little one to roast (not in photos)… That’s where it got a little fun.

Lined him up, mum and another kid lined up too, so I waited to have a clear shot, kid moved, mum, moved, the other moved, took a few seconds to isolate one of them (seemed like it was a lot longer than few seconds) and boom. Now, being that I am a refined mother fucker with classic training, LOL, aimed at shoulder broadside, without even thinking (should have done a head shot).

Now, for those who think 223 is not enough gun for a goat, yeah, it’s enough gun. Was using Sierra TMK 77gr. Absolutely explosive. All but one, dropped where they stood with a shoulder shot. Entry hole on the kid was tiny, exit hole was about a hand. I thought, I can salvage that, but once we hung it and started butchering, I was just picking out bits of copper and lead out of it. Decided to salvage the bottom half, top half was just too impregnated with shrapnel to eat.

Another highlight, saw Emus in the wild. Never seen them trotting around before (other than in captivity), that was pretty cool.

Oh ye and this…


Sounds like you lads had a good time and that’s what its all about…:grinning:

Often found that if you drop the billy that’s running the show, the rest will often stand around or not move far away and be all like ? Um Err, what’s going on and what the hell do we do now ? :grin: (Tip for the goats don’t hang around waiting for someone to you) :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:

Btw… That’s a pisser of a pot you got there mate :+1: Is that one of them Tardis pots :rofl::beers:

Those horns wouldn’t be too tasty… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I took my 12 year old grandson out today. I couldn’t take a shot but we saw 4 fallow does. I think after seeing me shoot a fox a few weeks ago and now
seeing deer I have a new hunting mate. :+1:


That’s awesome, @Oldbloke

@juststarting Yep, he can’t wait to get out again.

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That’s great OB, I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to come hunting.

Sounds great you have trained him like a Greyhound. Are you going to make him drink the blood of the first kill too. :grin: All joking aside that is great it gives you both a common interest together that involves lots of time for quite moments and chatting time.

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It’s one of my best memories when each of my kids asked if I could teach them how to shoot and then having them help out reloading. Now all 3 have their own and we often go shooting together, mainly target but still enjoyable. Just hoping that when my granddaughter gets old enoughshe will ask.:sunglasses::innocent:

Buy a 22 and paint the stock pink, let her know it’s for her (once she’s of age) and it will give her something to look forward to. Start explaining firearms safety and stuff. Get an young like the church or smoke company’s do.
I have a pink daisy rider bb gun and a purple 22 single shot waiting for my daughter to turn 12 next year, she can’t wait!

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@GUN-DMC He is a boy. :joy: So blue might be more appropriate. :sunglasses:

Yeh, going to take him out a few more times over the next year and if he is still showing a lot of interest organise a junior licence and a 22. Also keen to go fishing. Seems to always out fish me the little bugger. :rofl:

And, yes it’s about quality time.

I ment for fatmans grand daughter

That’s the plan, and she will know that she can use it anytime she comes to visit. Luckily there is no age limit here unless it is for a licence. They can use them as long as the owner is present.


I spent a good arvo / evening yesterday with @Oldbloke and my daughter scouting a hunting area, found a bunch of good sambar sign… two rub trees, a bunch of hoof prints in and around dams , hard to say how old they are with the savage heat wave we’ve had recently and a few spots where they have been crossing fences and have left hair in the barbed wire.

And before anyone asks where, it was in Wombat S.F. and if you believe that ive got a bridge to sell you :grin:


Bugger, I don’t need a bridge but if you had an island…

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If I had an island I’d be keeping it mate!

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It really was wombat. :joy:

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Been hunting a few foxes lately! A few around the house and just wandering through the paddocks !

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