Hunting/shooting shoes.

Don’t know if anyone here cares… If you shoot something dynamic that requires running or at least hobbling along at some pace or stalk uphill and prefer shoes, rather than boots, can recommend:

I had a different pair, identical sole, just different top. They are wearing out, so preemptively updated with this. Pretty good deal right now.

I often prefer to hunt in runners but a $40 pair of k26’s will do me

I switched to Merrell’s years ago, great shoes.

That’s what I use, @Supaduke going to see how this goes.

I need a pair of non-insulated 100% waterproof hunting boots in US14.

Everything in the US&A that is 100% waterproof seems to be insulated, except for wellies which become swimming pools of sweat up here in the tropics. No wonder all my mates just wear thongs.

Yep, Merrells are great.
But the old KTs cannot be beaten for value. You could spend over $1000 on runners that would not provide better comfort, wear or grip. An equivalent Merrell would cost you around $250.

I refuse to pay that. I got a pair of Merrells for climbing up hills, because of the grip. $100 on special. Then this popped up, same quality ballpark, so I pounced. Not paying any more than that.

That’s a good special. Kt26’s are $40 any day of the week at Big W. I’ve been looking for a new pair of Merrells, best I can find in Melbourne is around $250 at the moment.

Yeah, @bentaz is talking shit. Apparently he’s a skater dude now. So he’s all about Vans and Skechers now. Thinks he’s so cool for us…

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Na i bought a pair of 10 buck kmart shoes to skate in.

Sk8 or die dude!
Or in my case Sk8 and ache dude!

I mostly use Merrell’s website. Always specials on. Never pay more than $150. Their sizes fit me properly. I’ve officially started to become stuck in my ways.
Those other shoes do look pretty good. Similar styling to Merrells too. As long as it fits it’s probably a good shoe.

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Mate I had K26’s as a kid and that is a bloody long time ago. never could afford the expensive shoes as a family think I did buy a pair of Adidas runners when I first started working they were crap and i went back to the K26.

Dunlop volleys were my standard for many years. The K26 was a huge upgrade.
At $35 a pair they were a serious chunk a change over the $12 volleys.

Adidas Allstars. Almost exclusively. One wears out, I replace and keep going.

Volleys were the best povo skate shoes around when I was young


Bloody hell, I am starting to get worried, you lot are more into shoes than most of the women I know.

Had to double that I was in the right place and that I had not clicked on the C.W.A website…


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Yes, but they are all practical shoes.

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