Hunting Deer at night

Isn’t it illegal in Victoria to hunt Sambar at night with spotlights or other night vision equipment?

I saw an ad in a magazine that offered guided night hunting in Victoria for Sambar deer with thermal imaging equipment provided, and that honestly sounds so shady.

Is this legal because it’s on private property? I see there’s an exemption on the GMA website for controlling pest animals with a spotlight. What’s the line between a pest deer and a game deer? Is there something you need to notify DELWP to get permission?

Or are they referring to pest animals as in rabbits, foxes & the lot?

It’s legal on private property and I think up to 200m beyond the property, if it spills into bushland.

Ah - makes sense. The GMA website makes it sound like spotlighting deer in a rec hunting situation is illegal in both state forest and private land.