Hunting bags... What do you use?!

Wondering what do people use as a hunting backpack/bag/bumbag?

Personally, I am at most out for a day before returning to camp. This is what I use:


I use it as a bumbag, maybe 95% of the time. It’s a bumbag and unfolds into a backpack if I am lucky enough to need a meat bag. Only things I did to it is attach a water bottle pouch and tied cords into side pockets to secure radio/GPS, because I don’t like losing things.

Made of quiet material, so it doesn’t make any sound when brushing against stuff.

Tried a backpack, I don’t like it, I seem to snag it on things and I don’t like shouldering a rifle over backpack straps, with my tiny little arms.

Tried a shoulder bag - maxpedition type (and a small nylon meat bag that can be worn as a backpack, but folds into something the size of a fist). I like it, but only on flat ground. When going up or down hill, it swings around too much.

Whatever I try, I keep coming back to this old faithful.

See i got used to a small lightweight chest rig ( none of this plate carrier bizzo or anything ) and find it extreamly hard to go to a back pack for some reasons mentioned above, but a handbag would just piss me off too, problem with the chest rig is it doesn’t look great from anyone elses perspective. Theres only a few things on it i’m sure i’ve covered contents somewhere else, however alot of my hunting is private property these days so tend to just carry ammo and med kit depending on calibre, if i go out with the air rifle im not to worried :joy:

ROFL mate, I saw your chest rig, you had scissors and everything. C’mon now, post a pic :slight_smile: LMAO

Things have changed since then, but yeah sissors still come with me, if i can make holes i gotta be able to plug holes too and thats non negotiable

@AusTac I spotted your older post, is this what you still wear in the bush?

:rofl: Does it come with a gillie suite? Tactical AF, bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Its my marsbar storage system bro :joy: but naah that design didn’t work to well, thats at least 3 years ago judging by the floor

Basic shoulder bag. Take only minimum as I no longer do long walks. Kit includes scissors/secatures for blackberries :ok_hand:

So maybe pic?

There are scissors then there are those. What are you panning on cutting? A bit of Elastoplast or sewing you up thread can be done with nail scissor size. :grin:

I’ve been through several different size and brand backpacks, a chest rig and two bum bags. This is what I’ve settled on for now. It’s a 24L semi frame pack with relatively good shoulder and hip straps. I like the high vis as this pack does multi duty for hunting and walking.

Staple contents are laid out next to it. FAK has been trimmed of non essentials but includes three compression bandages. Also got to have a few sheets of dunny roll, handy for more than number twos… I keep a hand sanitiser in the bag just in case I need to clean my hands to tend to a cut or something and don’t have access to clean water (I know soap and running water performs much better, but it’s not always an option where I hunt). The other little bottle has fine chalk powder in it for checking wind direction on those swirly days.

I flip back and forth between bladders and bottles for water. Bottles are better for a couple of reasons including being less likely to leak and easier to fill, but I find I drink more from a bladder which is a good thing when it’s warm/hot…

I usually have a few muesli/nut bars in the bag as well. I’ll pack more food if I’m going for longer than a couple of hours.

PLB is strapped to the pack, SPOT messenger goes in my pocket. The SPOT gives me capacity to send 3 different pretyped SMS/email messages to whoever I nominate, plus an SOS, but in a SHTF scenario I would reach for the PLB as the message goes direct to AMSA, whereas the SOS message on the SPOT goes via a third party.

I only take a dedicated GPS if I don’t know the property well but always have a paper map with the property boundaries marked


Damn, I wish I had that sort of country side to be able to hunt like that.
We are stuck with cropped land and semi arid country, not the sort of place to go back packing.

It is surprising how much you can fit into a little space if you pack it right.

Blackberries. Much easier to get through them that way. I’ll post a pick of my main kit later.



Does change depending on what I’m after and where I go but that’s the key items.


Also have one of these.


Is that canvas satchel left over from your long haired hippy days, OB?

Nice knife you have there… :rofl::+1:

Just a shoulder bag off eBay. I actually prefer the first styl of bag with no pockets.

Horses for courses I guess. I stopped using day packs years ago and tried bum bags but they hold bugger all so shoulder bag is a compromise. I generally only go for say a 2 or 3 hour walk and return to the car these days so it works for me.

@Gwion Someone gave me that knife. Seems OK on foxes so far. Have scalped a few. Seems to hold a reasonable edge. But still needs a good workout.

Yeah, the black canvas bag at the top is the one I was talking about.