Hunters will lose traction if quad bike sales cease

FEDERAL Government legislation mandating roll-over safety bars in all new quad bikes from October next year could be the end of a vital piece of hunting and agricultural equipment in Australia, the country’s pre-eminent shooting group says.

From October 2021, all quad bikes imported or sold new in Australia will, among other things, be required to have rollover bars installed, allegedly for safety reasons.

However, the four largest quad bike brands in Australia – Honda, Polaris, Suzuki, and Yamaha – have said they will cease selling their quad bikes in Australia once the regulations come into force from October 2021, severely limiting the range available and potentially spelling the end of quad bikes as rural utility vehicles in Australia.

Shooters Union Australia president Graham Park said quad bikes were essential equipment for hunters and farmers alike, and was deeply concerned at the lack of “on the ground” consultation carried out before the new regulations were introduced.

“I don’t think the people making these laws realise just how big the Australian bush is, or how their well-meaning but poorly implemented regulations are going to affect hundreds of thousands of hunters and farmers,” Mr Park said.

“Quad bikes are essential for travelling across rough terrain on large farms, and they also provide a stable and safe way to transport firearms in the field, particularly in areas where there are lots of game or pests and the shooter may need to be retrieving and replacing their gun frequently.

“Essentially removing them from the market is going to make it incredibly difficult for hunters, pest controllers and primary producers to do their jobs – not everyone can ride a motorbike and they’re not always the right choice for the terrain, animals being pursued, or climate.”

Mr Park said quad bikes were not inherently unsafe and Shooters Union had questions over the ACCC statistics justifying the new regulations.

“We do not believe their statistics take into account factors such as reckless behaviour, being driven by people under 16, or having extra passengers,” Mr Park said.

“If people wish to retrofit safety devices like rollbars to their quad bikes, we fully support them in that choice – especially if the Government wants to subsidise the cost of doing so. What we do not support is the Government mandating their inclusion to the point where they’re basically closing down the market for most of the products and hurting our rural sector as a result.

“When four major manufacturers are saying they will leave the Australian market over this, the Federal Government really needs to pay attention.

“We join the calls for the Federal Government to re-evaluate these regulations and listen to the manufacturers, hunters and primary producers who know these machines and the environments they work in best.”

I’m old enough to recall a time when one could ride a bicycle without a safety helmet. Motorcyclists did not need a helmet, cars did not have safety belts, tractors did not have ROPE. Need I go on?
Anything that reduces or prevents injury, however minor or severe, will subsequently reduce the impost on the medical system that my/our taxes support.
When/if, any rider of a “quad-bike” is ever able to sign a legally binding waiver that absolves the public purse from any impost as a result of some misfortune that befalls the rider, then they should be free to do as they see fit.
In the meantime, get over it.


Yeah most of the farm quads I see out my way have Rops fitted already and as hunters many of us are to fat and lazy and the exercise will be a good thing.


What these guys said! :nerd_face::+1:

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Why is Shooters Union fighting a non gun related fight on the behalf of Billion dollar companies? Let the bike industry take this one on themselves, they’ve got the resources.
Stick to fighting GUN related issues, there’s no shortage of them to pick from. To be honest i don’t donate to SU for my money to be spent on crap like this.
What’s next? SU’s going to fight against luxury car tax because hunters need cheaper 4wds.


On top of that, I know of two farmers that have been crippled and a teenager in the next town recently died in a quad roll over.
The government spends good money out our way promoting “farm safe” practices, the bulk of which is roll overs and drowning in dams.
This is not a hunting issue.


It’s part of our wider “rural sector support” strategy, and it’s broadly gun related because so many hunters and farmers (who also have gun licences) use them.

If the big manufacturers take their bat and ball and leave, we’re going to be left with a couple of largely unknown Chinese brands.

This whole thing is a huge issue in rural Australia at the moment and supporting the people who feed us also (besides being the right thing to to) creates a lot of goodwill for when SU members are looking to find a property to shoot on.

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Sorry but i’m just not buying either their comment about pulling the pin or your justifications.
We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.


I don’t think things will change much with the quad sales and manufacture of them they changed car rules and bike rules with seat belts and crash hats and things are still going on , what I think will happen will be they will put roll over bars on them and pass the cost onto the buyer, same as tractors ,i’m not saying it’s or wrong but that’s the way things go when fatal accidents tend to increase with the machinery concerned

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