Hundreds of firearms seized across Australia

Finally they hit out at the problem instead of blaming us for everything.

Good show lads, about time they started taking guns off criminals instead of lafo’s!

Don’t worry when they’ve cleaned up the illegal guns they’ll be coming after us harder than ever

Bah humbug.

We complain/ use scare tactics when they target lafo, we complain/ scare tactics when they target criminals, we complain that sbs/ABC is a leftard media organisation, but when they start putting good articles we still say there is an agenda.

Man I. just want butter that tastes like butter… and i recommend Lurpak slightly salted butter… or if you can find the full salted butter… live life a little guys you only live once



I don’t recommend you buy a solvent trap off ebay just at the moment. Its an easy list to target I bet not a lot of work went into the investigation. I am sure it did account for lots of hour on time sheets in those departments.

I seem to be getting old and grumpy this week.:smiley:

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You’d have to be special kind of stupid to try that online.

So true, but there does seem to be an abundance of that special kind of stupid out there.