Hoyt gamemaster

Looking to sell my hoyt gamemaster 2 recurve bow. 60#@28". 62" long. Comes with the hoyt 2 piece bow quiver. Quite a good bow,but its not really my styke. Ive only personally fired 2 shots through it. Its already been packsged up for a mate who pulled out last second,so whoever buys it will also get a free fox and rabbit skin lol.

Asking $300+post firm. Please don’t try to low ball me. Also,im just about to start grape harvest,so may have problems literally finding time to get to the post office for the next month or so. So if you’re keen,its probably best to wait till around Easter to act. Cheers

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Hey I’m interested in your Hoyt recurve. Where do you live? I am in Michigan…

It’s long sold sorry

Damn thanks. You still have the info of the person that bought it?

No sorry

Funny a buyer turned up randomly from across the world.

Yeah lol.