HowTo : Genuine reason of Vertebrate Pest Animal Control (VPAC) in NSW

Has anyone got this category on their license?

I know you need to get 3 pest control agreements, but where do I start? And for the agreements, what kind of format should they be in ?


Even if by some miracle you manage to get a Pest Controller licence, there’s still only one “new” Cat D rifle that NSW will issue PTAs for (The BAR rifle; the sporting one) at the moment because they have decided everything else is “military” and therefore prohibited.

That sucks.
We need to change that.

From what I read, they don’t ask to get a pest controller license. They ask for “3 pest shooting agreements” (presumably with the rural properties owners), which seems hard.

Seems a lot easier to do a course, get the certificate / license rather 3 agreements!`

All in all, this appearance rules / semi ban is nothing but BS.

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The entire thing is set up so basically no-one can own a Cat D gun; it’s been that way since 1996 and there’s basically nothing anyone can do about it - and plenty of people have tried over the years.

Welcome to the life of a firearm owner in Australia.

it’s BS, but I do see people who got the “3 agreements” and got C, D … and strangely in NSW once you have the “3 Agreements” they couldn’t even be bothered with C, they put you straight onto D

So … it’s hard but not doable. I am just wondering … HOW.

As far as appearance wise … one of the shooters I know shown me a pict of a guy using FN SCAR at
SSAA NSW St. Marys - yes, WTF … I also asked …

So the whole thing is not only designed to be hard and confusing as hell.

Looks like we need to vote in Liberal Deomcrate

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Shooters simply don’t have the numbers and it’s been shown time and time again the majority of shooters will continue to vote for the ALP or LNP because owning a gun isn’t a super important part of their identity. There might be something like 2 million licensed gun owners in Australia but most of them are either farmers (won’t be affected by further changes), clay target shooters (just want a UxO 12ga, also unlikely to be affected by further changes), or specialist target shooters (same situation as the two previously mentioned).


So. What sort of pest control are you needing the approval for?

Well, I haven’t even gone that far yet.

The law says to get “3 agreements” in order to become a “contract shooters” for the purpose of VPAC… I don’t even know where to start to get those agreements/contracts!

Any pointers would be appreciated!

I would bet that those properties specified would be the only place that you would be allowed to discharge that firearm as well. Its kind of a useless exercise unless you really have a need.

Pretty sure that this is the case and they are not allowed on the range.

I guess the main point is “How to Get These Agreements” … and if anyone has any pointers to “how to start” as I don’t mind going for a hunt, get paid and have some semi-autos at the same time.

Needless to say - in NSW - It is obvious that you are only allowed to discharge your firearms on rural properties where you have been given the permission. Whether or not you are doing it for pest control or recreational hunting

You’d be surprised.

As I said above. I know a shooter who has spotted someone using FN SCAR at St. Mary’s range.

Could be bullshit, could be a collector, could be theatrical armorer, could be a gunsmith, could be a dealer, so many possibilities.

Could be.

Here’s the thing, and the sooner you understand this the better: It’s probably not going to happen.

You have to be running the enterprise like a business - the days of getting a few farmers to sign a piece of paper saying you’re doing contract pest control shooting for them, when really you’re not getting paid or are maybe getting your ammo costs covered, and applying for a Cat D licence that way - are long gone. You need to be able to show you’ve got commercial agreements in place, provide proof of an actual income, have an ABN, and all the other stuff that goes with it.

Regardless of what the law says is the minimum requirement, there’s going to be extra stuff the firearms registry impose on top of that.

They’ll want proof there’s actually a feral pest problem on the property (because otherwise why hasn’t it been an issue until now?). They’ll want proof you’ve got a properly established business. They’ll want proof you’re actually qualified to be a feral pest controller. There will always be another hoop to jump through, basically.

NSWPOL send out “provide more information about why you should still be allowed a gun licence” letters to people with disability pension or DVA cards who apply for the concession rate on some firearms licensing stuff as a result. The laws in NSW ban guns with adjustable stocks, and they throw people in jail for owning toy guns (gel blasters) . Do you really think they’re going to let some newbie rock up with three letters from random farmers and say “Sure mate, here’s your Cat D licence, enjoy your AR-15”? The answer is “No, no they are not.”

Also, I said before, there’s effectively only one Cat D rifle that meets NSWPOL’s “Not substantially based on a military firearm design” rules, so even if by some miracle you did manage to get the licence, you’d only be allowed to own one of these and to be honest a Remington 7600 or a BLR in .308 is going to do pretty much the same thing but without the fucking around to get a Cat D licence.

People have been trying to come up with ways around the gun laws since 1996 so when we say “It can’t realistically be done”, we’re not being defeatists or fudds or whatever - we’re telling you the facts; the deck is stacked against you, it’s designed that way, and there’s no “one weird trick” that’ll let you, and you alone, succeed where everyone else has failed.

As to your “Guy I know says he saw someone with an FN-SCAR at the range”, like @CountFuddula says, there’s a lot of other potential explanations for that and none of them are “Feral pest controller with a shiny new toy flexing on the peasants”.


Thanks for the info. You don’t have to be this condescending but.

All I need to know and all I want to find out is for someone to say there’s more to it than what it meets the eyes - i.e., what they have put down in words as “the law”

For someone who did not have the “insider” information like yourself, this may seem to be an annoying query. But bear in mind, not so many people know what you know.

You don’t know this but I have inquired many shooters including someone claiming “he’s got a friend doing it” and the shooter who flicked me a photo and said “yes way - look here’s a FN-SCAR”.

My line of questioning resulted in mixed answers - some said yes some said no, but no one was able to give a clear-cut answer - why? how? who? I apologies if this is not obvious to you - but the purpose of my questioning here is basically the last resort (I would never ever bothered with this forum or anyone on it, should my personal inquiries already yielded something more substantial - yes/no either way, so sorry if this is such a huge burden having to read my stupid question!) - to proof or disproof what I was told , and I guessed it is my fault for not saying it outright that I am actually after clear-cut , detailed answers from the get go, because I already got the vague answers from all other shooters I asked. You now have told me that - they want more proofs which are not even documented in their official documentations. So thank you.

As to FN-SCAR. Like I said it’s a hearsay from the get go. I didn’t see it myself, I didn’t question the guy myself … so, I treated it with an open mind - yes it could be many things, and if out of which someone hunts for living most likely not be one of them, so be it. I was merely relaying what I was told happened and what witness’s view was. At no stage I was claiming … “hay this MUST be someone who hunts for living”. So why don’t you just go over it, ok?

And thank you for giving me this piece of information. Despite of paying the price of being condescended and ridiculed, I guess this is normally the case when you want to pick someone else’s brain.