How's everyone going?

It’s cold here in Mt Beauty. Snowing in the Alps overnight. A taste of winter. Helped a mate chainsaw up a tree that came down on his property overnight. I don’t know why, it was healthy but big. Probably waterlogged ground and it was top heavy. Pretty big one and green so no use for firewood until next year. Fires going again I’ve got about 8 metres of red gum left. My back is stuffed and am having a few beers.

Ive merged the posts in this thread about heaters into daytime board to keep @juststarting happy as it is day 4 of his dry month and he is getting a little testicle as the temperature drops :joy:

But I have stuffed up I was trying to bring the @GUN-DMC on topic posts back but they now seem stuck.

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Can we change tge title. Maybe to;

Wood heater efficiency? Just a suggestion mate.

Maybe I can create a wood heater topic and then move all the posts to that one. I think we may have a wood stove topic for us aficionados. Not that silly term @juststarting tried to brand s with. :grin:

Are referring to Lemonparty? You should google it.

You are a sick individual… An evil mind.

@Oldbloke, I am more concerned as to what he was searching for when he came across that page…


Rather a lemonparty than to get Rick rolled!

Spoke too soon! :joy::joy::joy:

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Your an evil evil man!

It doesn’t count. Amateur effort, @gwion. It has to auto-play or it doesn’t count.

Fussy bastard… on the phone… short time frame… more important things to actually do with my life… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You say that, yet here we are.