Howard joins police push to restrict this gun nationwide

Here we go…

The Wedgetail MPR308, a pump-action rifle, for example, is banned in NSW, Tasmania and the ACT but can be bought by recreational and sporting shooters in every other state and territory.

Blah, blah, blah.

@ShootersUnion comments?

So can many other brands of pump action rifles that have been in circulation for decades. They have not proved to be anymore dangerous or used by crims in preference to any other gun. The argument has no basis.

John who?

But mummy, I want to be relevant still!

Fuck that guy, he’s a joke.

They really must be desperate if they’re still wheeling him out. We’re keeping an eye on it; the government seems to be waking up to the fact the cost of living crisis is going to cost them votes if they don’t start sorting it out and one of our key messages has been that focussing on stuff like this that hasn’t been an issue ever is clearly smoke and mirrors from a government that’s afraid to admit people can’t afford food or shelter anymore as a result of their policies/inaction.


Reminds me of a Utopia episode… Everything you’ve said is actually in reverse. To take attention of something, you introduce another issue. See where this is going…

The feds are just upset they can’t prohibit import based on appearence because they are made locally and are only restricted by state laws.

I love how thier dangeousisity levles are based on appearence and not on actual terminal performance.

True, I have never seen on any shooting forum the Question. “Is my gun black and tactical enough to hunt Sambar or just fallow?”