Howa M1100 .22LR - Does anyone have one and is it any good?

Hey all,

My first rifle is a 6.5CM and I wanted a .22 so I can go range shooting without it costing me an arm and a leg.

I came across the Howa m1100 and ordered one without doing a heap of research, as Howa have a long standing history of being reliable, well built and accurate. I’d also wanted to own a Howa as I was onitislly going to get a Howa 1500 for my first rifle but ended up going for a Tikka.

However, since placing the order I have discovered that Howa do not guartentee sub MOA on their rimfire rifles and I’ve come across a YouTube video saying that it’s an inconsistent shooter.

Have I made a mistake? If anyone has one of these, what has your experience been like?

At $700, it’s the most I had wanted to spend on a .22 anyway, but I could have gone for a Ruger American at that price point.


Can’t speak form hands on experience, but Howa is a no thrills solid brand.

Regardless of the rifle, they will all shoot well or not shoot well, depending on the ammo and your expectation of accuracy. Stop second guessing yourself and reading reviews by angry people who can’t shoot.

There are a lot of opposite examples with premium brand rifles shooting poorly with ammo they disagree with, but then people blame the ammo because blaming a premium brand is against the grain.

Find the right ammo and enjoy. :slight_smile:

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Yeah agreed, just buy a box of every type of ammo you can find, it’ll shoot something well and even if it doesn’t (very unlikely) you’ll still have heaps of fun trying.
Once you run out of ammo types to try you can move onto other fun projects like bedding or trigger jobs.
Or if you really cant deal with it after that sell it and buy a 100 buck second hand Baikal / Toz and drive tacks like a peasant! You wont be sorry…

700 will buy a nice 2nd hand Anschutz…I wouldnt anything else in 22 bolt gun, and it will shoot better, and last longer than a Howa…Just my thoughts…nothing more

Ruger American 22 shoots with boring accuracy from a bench with CCI (but won’t feed them unless I clean the wax off the rounds with g96 and paper towel)

I won’t be winning field rifle any time soon but that’s on me - I prefer to shoot the 357 in pistol so I don’t do field rifle all that often

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