How to lose customers

How to lose customers: call all men rapists while your main customer base is men. That’s how.

Lost me… For those of you who shave, beards, backs or nut sacks - talk with your wallet and pick another brand.


Not that I have much use for a razor, but yeah I’ll find a new brand. (Always bought mac 3’s in the past)
We need some really bad shit to happen to put life into perspective for these younger generations who have never seen any real struggle or hardships in their short and sheltered lives.
Go to Syria and ask if mansplaining is an issue?

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The trouble is that they paid some idiot to come up with that crap. Time for a new brand, lucky we have not done the shopping yet.

No, don’t trivialises this, @1Fatman. They paid, but there would be requirements, direction, approvals, reviews, etc. Marketing company, if there was one, is just delivering on requirements.

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I no longer identify as a gallete customer!


Yep I put it wrong, but some idiot/s on the board would have approved it.

Many. For a corporate that size, we are talking many, many, people. Multiple teams. That is, it is virtually impossible to call this a rogue event. And it’s not about approvals, it’s about the direction. Someone from the very beginning had to instruct the producers on the direction.

Anyway… Will be interesting to see their profit statements in few months.

I’ll just keep growing my beard and letting the bits of food it catches and the animals that live in it get more and more toxic

…and muscular.

As a real man I shave with a knife, what’s up with all you pussies using razors?


I’m lucky I can go two weeks without a shave and when I fo shave I use clippers…haven’t usef a razor for around 15 years :beers:

Anyone got a line on who else makes a good razor?

even bad men gotta shave (their chests)

Would have thought there profits were down anyway with all these new manbun hipsters with barbershop trimmed beards.

Got rid of my manbun but have replaced it with designer stubble… Do I still wuslify as hipster or am I really just a hillbilly? :joy:

Police will be here to inspect storage in a half hour… I’ll ask him. :wink::sunglasses:

Maybe their market research shows leg shaving as the main customer base now that the manbun and hipster beard are in.
Adds not aimed at men Maybe?

You are all forgetting that it is most common for the “woman of the house” to do the shopping (and so purchasing “her man’s” shavers) because they are all oppressed by the toxic masculine patriarchy! :wink:

Therefore, “Gillet are on our side, let’s get him a nice pack of pink, scented razors…”

Theres some bad men and some bad women out there which equals bad people i just watched it at work all be it distracted and don’t really have a big opinion either way… weird add for a razor though and they should probably stick to their ’ this is our razor, its awesome buy it ’ kinda adds :man_shrugging:


@Blaser give Schick ago. I have used their Hydro range before and found them very good.

Always used Schick but you could always go with @Brett and get some bigarsed knife sharpened up good! :joy:

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I cover mine in milk and the cat licks it off.