How to horrify your wife

So I got these

An M53 Czech Helmet, same as Soviet WW2 Era design. Real Soviet helmets are fkn expensive. The Gas mask is Soviet cold war era. I showed my wife , for some reason she was not as impressed.
Have some foam heads on the way to display a few helmets I have accrued.
One annoying thing about having the somewhat large head that I do. None of the helmets fit me, instead squatting on my head like a pigeon.


I feel your pain. My head is far too large for pretty much any of my military headgear. Doesn’t help that all the surplused stuff were the smallest sizes.

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My own slouch hat sits on top of my head like that. It’s ment to.


Serbian Helm. Was thinking of getting one myself.

Yeah, love the fact that they just have a sticker as their emblem. Apparently if you take them off there are often old communist stars underneath but I can’t bring myself to do it.

Supaduke mate you wife might be wondering what kinky things you want to participate in… 50 shades of gray style

Tell her how much you have spent on Firearm gear and associated equipment.

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