"How-To" article template

To help us build not only a fun community, but a great information resource we want to put together a library of how to pages. we will be able to point new shooters to these pages as well as share tricks and knowledge of better ways to do things we thought we already knew how to do. there is a huge wealth of knowledge out there so why not help us put it all in one place?
to make it easier and to try and keep it all in one similar format I have drawn up a quick template that we can all use.
Mind you if someone has what they think is a better format or one more suited to a particular “how-to” for this please post it here.

How-To Article Title
Every how-to article will need a catchy title. “how to clean your shotgun”, “how to trim your brass for reloading”, “how to make you own depleted uranium rounds out of kitchen scraps” etc.

Give a brief description of what your doing and why its a good idea to do it
Eg: Making your own depleted uranium rounds is not only fun and cost effective, but it makes you look super Tacti-cool at the range.

Supplies Needed
Create an itemized list of the tools, Safety equipment and resources you will need.

  1. 500grams of depleted uranium
  2. Sunglasses
  3. sledgehammer
  4. Geiger counter
  5. 4 whole fried chickens and a coke

Step By Step Instructions

  1. first begin by putting on your sunglasses, this is the most important step because looking cool is the main reason for making your own depleted uranium rounds.
  2. Turn on your Geiger counter and set it to the “most fun” setting.
  3. Place your 500 grams of uranium onto the top of your head.
  4. Hit the uranium repeatedly with the sledgehammer until you pass out from head trauma.
  5. When you get out of the hospital eat the chickens.
  6. Wash the chicken down with the coke.

a quick sum up of the benefits of your “how-to”, a cautionary note or warnings of problems to look out for along the way.

give credit where credit is due, links to websites that you gathered information from or to the suppliers of the the things you need to do it.

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