How much of the neck do you blokes size

G’day gents, as the title suggests I am curious as to how much of the neck you size? Do you size the neck in its entirety or just 3/4 or less? Putting it out to the brains trust.

98% of the time I will use Lee Colette die. I use it as instructed, so entire neck. That said, I was trying to neck size 7.62x54R cases. Colette die for it doesn’t exist, however, can be made from 303 and 308 dies. It only sizes 50% of the neck. Seems to be perfectly fine too.

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In addition, does the type of die, ie collet vs bushing die make a difference on how much of the neck one should resize?
I generally only do around 3/4 of the neck on most of my cartridges however was wondering if I should do the entire neck of my 300WM given that the calibre is greater than the length of the neck?

Earth to @Gwion and @sungazer - this is your time to shine, gents.

I just 3/4 neck sized one of my 25x45 brass for reference but I’ve found there’s no problems with performance just a weird ring around the neck

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Forget what I said 300wm is outta my realm

All good mate, I was chasing what people do with other calibres as well. That’s what my 308 etc look like like too.

Two thirds the length of the neck or minimum equivalent to one x caliber of the bullet if the neck is long enough to allow it, which they generally are on rounds i load. This allows the brass to sit as concentric as possible in the chamber due to the ‘fire formed’ section of the neck fitting snugly in the chamber neck. Too little and you are more likely to run into seating concentricity issues; too much and you run into chambering concentricity issues.

A tip passed on by a very helpful forum member and shooting buddy of @danmac 's: seemed to work well in application so i have stuck with it for very consistent load performance.


Works for me @Gwion, only thing I would say with the .300 WinMag, or any other high power case that has a short neck, recoil could cause the bullet to be pushed back into the case if it hits the front of the magazine and hasn’t got enough neck tension. ( Ask me how I know that…)


I don’t neck size specifically for cases that get reloaded several times or more (like my .308 and 7/08, I just FLS to get my three thou of shoulder bump.

With the more precise stuff like the 22-250 which I hardly use, I will neck size the full length as thats where it shoots best for me as the chamber is very very short on that howa. Another bloke with a Howa in the same caliber has a deep deep throat, and only seats the bullet about 4mm deep; a lot less than a full calibre. He gets better groups than me so by my calculations…hes a much better shooter :upside_down_face:


What’s even more fun, is when bullet is forced a little out of the case under recoil, when chambered in a revolver. Never experienced, but have seen on the range.


Thanks for the input fellas. Most helpful and sincerely appreciated. Think I will size the 300WM neck all the way and stick with the 3/4 or so I usually do on my remaining cartridges. Cheers :beers: