How do you track/store your ammo?

So, as I get into reloading I’ve been thinking of how I plan to keep track of how many times each piece of brass has been fired and how to store it.

My plan was to buy a 50 round plastic container (such as and keep all my brass in batches of 50. That way, once all 50 rounds are fired, I prep and reload that brass together and add another tick or whatever to the lable so I can track the times reloaded. It’s also convenient as I can just grab a box of 50 and go.

The issue is, buying that many plastic boxes is going to add up.

What does everyone else do?

I do exactly as you have outlined. I even go a step further and put aside sets of boxes for certain guns so there is no cross over contamination. That way it reduces any sizing issues hopefully.
It actually works very well and the amount of boxes or cases is not that many really required.

I have done the same with the plastic ammo boxes, some in 50 some in 100.
I found the best place to get them was Cleavers and buy them in bundles of 10 when I am ordering other stuff. They are selling the MTM 100 round boxes for $9.90 each or 10 for $99 for 243, 308 etc.

Just scroll down a little.

I also have the 50cal ammo cans for bulk stuff like 9mm. Again on the same page as the link, just scroll down further. Mine are the 3 in a crate.

Perhaps you should take a look at

Mate as most others do, I just batch my brass and put a stroke on the plastic box every time I reload it.

I wasn’t kidding about I can even give you a key :slight_smile: Because I am nice like that.

If you are loading for a handful of calibres, drop a posted note with a recipe in the box and on it, have “fired x”, also keep a copy of the recipe on your computer. Next time you load, keep the note, cross it out. Add a new note. That way you have full history of brass and loads.

After you get into more than a handful, add a label to the box (masking tape works great). Add a code (e.g. MAUSER001). Then associate code to a document on your workstation, so you know exactly how that brass tracks.

For unique stuff that you are loading, I’d load 50 and use those, I would then take another 50 and store them for later, when the first 50 starts deteriorating.

As for boxes, you can use MTM for stuff you load, but really, when you find a good load, you are going to load those. Any container will do, it’s nice to have the same containers, so you can stack them. Stuff you store - vacuum seal bags or takeaway containers with desiccant in it. That’s what I do.


A plus one for the Reloading Studio, I keep track of everything in it.

Can also confirm Reloading Studio is incredibly detailed and will absolutely let you keep track of stuff like how many times brass has been reloaded.

I picked this up today. Each holds 200 rounds of 12g comfortably and its not too heavy to put in the wagon. Lockable too so Im not breaking the law, or my back. The 20mm ammo cans are too heavy, but good for ordinary bulk storage.

Excuse the mess.


Yep, they are great for storage or as you say just grab and take to the range.


Bit of OCD coming out here tonight. Hehehe.

Just the way it should be lol.

Just started through a year and a bit of saved brass. Do I need each batch to be of the same brand? I mainly have used PPU but there is some PMC and Rifle line mixed in.

No mate, don’t get too fussy, you’re not trying to win the king of the two mile. Then again if you’d like to one day…

Never going to happen. Haha.

For plinking and hunting it’s not important to separate your brands.


I just keep all ammo locked up, as required. But for reloads, keep a diary! Nothing worse trying to remember what each rifle likes.

You might want to have a look at this Reloading Studio v1.2.3 is out

Can track all sorts of things as well as firearms, reloading etc.
The bloke that made it can be difficult to deal with though, but just buy him a Capachino and you will be his friend for life lol.

@juststarting you may be able to help here. :wink:


I might, I might :slight_smile:

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Hmmm my hard copy diary looks less complicated…one of @juststarting developments??