How do you store your ammo?

On the back of another post, thought I’d start this one. How do you guys store your ammo? Not really interested in - oh I keep a packet in the safe, more for those who shoot a lot and reload in bulk. Essentially what’s the storage solution?

I put mine in the plastic MTM ammo boxes.
I find they stack nicely in the safe and are pretty easy to grab and throw in the range bag when I am heading out.

I’ve got six ‘like new’ ammo cans which are really well sealed. They stack nicely in the bottom of my old Spika S3 gun safe which Ive added a few shelves into. 38spl I just pack loosely in one of the cans as its all plinking ammo. When heading out with the leverguns I fill a dump pouch which holds about 200 rounds with a few handfuls for the day or grab the can if plenty of people are coming. I buy rimfire in bulk and keep all of it in its factory packets in another can. I use two more cans for 7.5 shot: 1 filled loosely for screwing around with our clay target machine at a friends place, and another with boxed loads for the club. Another can is filled with a mixture of 00 and slugs etc… Anything that I bothered to load on the single stage goes in MTM green boxes because its usually accuracy stuff. For the hunting stuff I use those flip top MTM boxes that hold 50 rounds which is heaps.

I use some old heavy duty filing cabinets that have a external locking device fitted over all the drawers. You can then store all sorts of boxes in the drawers and have some organization and easy accessibility without having to lift stuff from on top of each other.


I got a 1.8m steel office cabinet. About $150. Lockable, compliant. Several shelves. Holds a lot of ammo and components. I get 50 or 100 round MTM boxes. Bulk stuff goes in an ammo can.

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To clarify, not asking about safes and what not. Asking about actual storage boxes. Like ammo cans, ice cream containers, etc.

I put most of mine in zip lock bags

Yeah thats a damn good idea. Drawers make life easier.

Sistema , from coles i think. Also another from kmart. (Different size)
Technicaly may not be legal though. I think the regs talk about original packaging.


That’s what I use, OB.
Perfectly legal. You are thinking of air travel. In which case it’s original packaging or individually stored (e.g. MTM style boxes).

Yeh, could be. Worked in the area for a few months yonks ago. Anyway IMO as long as labeled clearly all ok.
They are cheap and cheerfull