How do you bed a Ruger Rimfire?

Anyone done this? The rimfire version of the Ruger American “power bedding / power blocks” are weird as on the 22LR. The magazine release is integrated into oone of them. Im thinking the blocks almost need to be bedded to the action first, and then the stock.

Any ideas?

Unless you have one I suppose we wont be really able to offer much help. But interested in the construction none the less. Could you post a picture or two.

I have done a couple of bedding jobs both very different from one another. One used a bedding block the other I had to do in many stages as by the time you cut holes for pillars and the bottom metal there was not much left of the stock. It was more of a reconstruction.

Yep. Picks for a problem solving excessive would be handy.
Having never looked at one I can’t comment. :face_with_monocle::v:

Minutes away!

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Darwin minutes…

As the blocks sit

Front block removed

Front block inverted

Front block seat
Rear block

Rear block seat

Rear block removed

Rear block from magwell pov

Front block from magwell pov

Rocco povimages (62)
Ruger American Rimfire reciever pov

I think you’re on the money about bedding the blocks to the action and then bedding the whole lot to the stock. I’m not quite getting the relationship between the mag well and the block: also, is the mag well permanently fixed to the stock?

A couple of things to consider:

  • There will be a lot of fiddly bits to relieve
  • All those fiddly bits are at risk of being permanently stuck together
  • What are you using the rifle for and is it really worth it?
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I think I would put the blocks in a draw and keep them there. I would replace the blocks with the bedding compound. It is a pretty tricky bed. The huge magwell and trigger areas make the job much harder. I had a similar problem. I used plasticine to fill the magwell and trigger area and all the little holes ect on the action as well. Then just bed the action to the stock. The bedding compound will take the place of the blocks and be an exact fit.

The other option is to glue the blocks into the stock and then bed from there. I think the gap may be to small if you go this way and the compound will chip away from the blocks.

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Seems a pretty straight forward solution. @JizzFlinger, got full length pic of the under side of the action and the stock inletting?