Hornady Z-Max projectiles.

Has anyone used the Hornady Z-Max for a 22cal in 55gr?
What are they like for accuracy and expansion?

Had maybe a 5% failure to expand at most out of over 1000 rounds of the 50gn zmax on light game. Very reliable for accuracy, though.

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Thanks @Gwion, I see they are on special so thought that I would give them ago.

Get 'em while you can. I think they are discontinued…?

Yep, I see Cleavers have them for $95 per 500.

Stock up while you can, mate.
What are planning to shoot them at?

Cats, foxes, rabbits, dogs and the odd roo and goat at closer ranges.

Foxes, dogs and roo no worries. Cats and bunnies you might need to hit bone to be sure. Only probs I’ve had was pin holes on small wallaby and possums inside 90m with 223 … Most hits are emphatic damage, though.

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I wonder about that. Searches I did a year or so ago, people seemed to be saying they were discontinued in 2014 or so, but they still come up for sale.

Perhaps a great marketing ploy. I was worried too that supply would stop, so bought “A LOT”.
For my 308 I had packs of 500 of the 168gr sent from QLD, and when I saw a single pack of 500 in Thornbury, grabbed that too.
I think the QLD place is out of the 308 stuff for now, but I think it’s such a good cash cow, they surely have more on the way.

For the guys on the West side of Melb, check with Centreway in Keilor.
They were doing the 308 Z-Max where they’d break up the pack, meaning you could buy per 100, and very reasonable price. That was 12 months or so ago the last time I checked. I’m not close to them so don’t go there often, but all my dealings with them, they have been fantastic.


They are still out there, I brought 1000 for my 30-06 from Cleavers a couple of months ago,

2 @ $195.00

I think you could be right with the marketing ploy. They disappeared for a short while in 50gn and 55gn but seemed to reappear pretty quick.

I use them in the 22-250 driven way too fast and they are perfect for pest destruction. No good if you want pelts.

I’d love some of those 30 cal bulk. Zero here. If anyone knows where I could find them…

I got mine from Cleavers but just had a look and they don’t have any more…

Yeah, they are gone. :’(