Hornady 22cal 69grn TAP

I have been using the Hornady 69 grn TAP bullets for a little while but all on paper so far. They are pretty good accuracy wise shooting well under the inch at 100. These are not the same bullets that sold in the Hornady ammo labeled TAP. Dont know why it is very misleading having two different products with the same name. The projectiles sold seperatly under this name have a soft lead point like the Sierra Super Roos.

Anyway I was in my back paddock hoping to shoot a roo for dog food but they have made themselves very scarce only coming down from the bush after dark most nights. So I was walking back to the house and a fox ran out from the bush, stopped and propped in the open paddock in front of me. I dropped to my knee and lined him up and let her rip. The fox would have been about 50 yards out. I hit him and he dropped like a brick. I walked up and upon inspection I couldn’t see a entry wound. I flipped him over and too my surprise there was a hole in his side ( I had shot him front on) the hole was big enough to fit two fists through and he was devoid of a lot of internals. These bullets had, had a devastating exploding impact on this pest. No way I could get any usable skin of him.


Oh well you saved some wildlife…If nothing else…

I was really surprised by the exit wound more than anything else. It really as well above what I could of ever imagined from such a small bullet.

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Not such a small bullet for .22cal. But I get what your saying. A 40gn driven hard may have done worse…dependant on bullet type I guess. I love putting big holes in them, I’m too lazy to skin the stinky buggers…its all you smell for days on your hands lol

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I’m a big fan of Hornady, this is the result of one of their 35gn V-Max on Tony Rabbott from 175m last night. Went in between his front legs, exit is pretty obvious.