Home and content insurance.

Question about home content insurance. Can anyone recommend one? Something gun friendly or someone that understands guns… Like, no, this is not a sporting-good like a football and it can’t come out of $50 sporting good replacement budget, stuff like that,

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Have a look at Suncorp insurance. We use them for vehicle and home and have had no issue. We’ve made three claims in the last ten years and have been paid in a very fast time frame(usually 48 hrs) after all paperwork was lodged.

Thought I’d bump this… Besides SSAA - any specific insurance? Anyone?

@NationalShootingCouncil any input on this?

RACV claim a gun is covered same anything else in the house.

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Suncorp are the best insurer i’ve ever dealt with. There’s no trying to weasel out of paying claims and they have very quick approvals, best i’ve had was 1 hour, worst was 3 days, i’ve even had them explain how i can claim more on my riding gear when i crashed my road bike about 10 years ago, they added about 2k to my payout, LEGENDS!!
And YES they will insure guns & gun related stuff. they’re covered as part of your household insurance plus you can list specific items as well.

Racq come in second place they’re pretty good too.

From Personal experience most insurers will cover Firearms under Home and Contents Policies.

However if you are a collector for example it would be wise to have valuable firearms specifically mentioned and written up in the policy documents just in case.

The NSC is currently working on the insurance for Shooters matter. Stay tuned.

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In my experience, most insurance will include them as contents, but if you’ve got a few, you need to list them to have sufficent cover to replace them, and importantly, they aren’t covered when they are in use…

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Might be good to also have agreed values, if you’re a collector - especially if the firearms aren’t something that comes to market often, or if there are things that affects it’s value like it’s unfired, or non-sporterised.

They’re not going to go to a lot of effort to have something appraised correctly for market value. A lot of the time, it’s going to straight line interest from the last recorded market sale, even it it’s years ago, or the cheapest version of it on the market.

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