Hollow-ground/Gunsmithing Screwdrivers?

Hi All,

Does anyone own/can recommend a gunsmithing screwdriver set?

I’ve had a look around for hollow-ground screwdriver sets and can only find a very limited range (within Australia) which are fairly pricey. Maybe this is just what I have to pay and if so, so be it but thought I’d ask here before making a purchase. Heaps online in the US but shipping is nuts, as usual.

Acquired an old gun with very munged up screws and thought it was time to invest.


Take a look at these:

I have one of these, don’t recall which, but same same.

Really, they are all quite unique. Maybe worth buying a bunch of cheap bits and grinding them to size as needed (also what I do).

Think @1Fatman might have a recommendation…

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I use the red handled Forster ones available at BRT Shooters Supply individually for about $18. They of course work as well as probably any hollow ground flathead.
As you know, its about having the correct size for the task at hand.

Perhaps if you want to give some examples of the screw locations and the models of firearm, I can compare it to some of the screws on the bangsticks in my safe?

I currently have a 51 piece Browning set that I use and have been very happy with.
They come in a very compact case

Browning Magazines & Sights Unisex-Adult Screwdriver Tool Set 12401, Unknown, Unknown: Amazon.com.au: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors

However I have ordered a 89 Wheeler Deluxe set so I can put the Browning one in my range bag.

Wheeler Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set | Gun Emporium

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Thanks for the reply.

I’ve got a couple of Weaver kits, one’s got the torque driver & a few bits, the other’s got a heap of bits, extensions, punches & a lil teflon & brass hammer, from memory they were pretty well priced for gun related gear. I think i got one of them from Brownells US.
I also use those Kinchrome kits JS linked, Being so compact they’re handy for the range bag with a little ratchet screwdriver.