Hollow base semi wad cutters???

Hi all! In my new found love affair with my .357 cadet, I have the tooling to swage a .358 HBSWC I have made some at 145gn. I have never loaded such a bullet with HB, anything to be cautious of?? I do know they were not flavored in revolvers, jumping from cylinder to forcing cone, but in an enclosed rifle barrel??

Random thought… No experience with this, but since you are using (I assume) pure lead. Applying the same principle as the Minie ball, the little sucker will have its bum expanded, you’d get perfect obturation, but at an expense of excessive leading, perhaps?

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40:1 lead tin mix…yeah I think they will be a light load bullet…I think my 6gns of AP70N could be it…maybe…

After all that you may as well use an actual 310Cadet :slight_smile:

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The magnum is way less problematic to load for, but I’m still working on my 32/20 converted loads…I just love the Magnum, so much more versatile, with regard to bullet types. My 310 is not going anywhere…

Traditionally the problem with HBWC is that if you push them too fast the skirt can separate from the solid part of the projectile and become lodged in the barrel, the next shot through has the potential to bulge the barrel, this is how so many target barrels on revolvers ended up screwed up. If you push them at target velocity they will expand into the rifling and produce a nice gas seal and result in good accuracy. Also if you seat them backwards with the hollow base towards the front of the case, they do absolutely nasty things to living creatures.