Holiday Destination with a difference

OK, so I know that it is a bit out of the way for all of you that live East of the boarder but I thought I would put it up just in case you decide to come to God’s country :star_struck:

This is a station stay that has a 2.7km rifle range with a reloading room for your use, clay pigeon throwers and the chance to shoot ferral animals. I also think that he has a .50cal that you can shoot but I am not 100% sure.
100,000 acres for you to play in all to yourselves, min 4 people max 20, $500 per person per week.

Wow thats actually pretty reasonable will look at the link better at lunch!

That would be awesome if it was in Australia


The good thing is it’s only about 4.5 hours from home.

I was like but but but… then i looked at the link :joy:

That’s pretty cool. How does it work, if I want to bring a car full of guns into the communist republic of western Australia?

Not 100% sure but you used to have to get a temporary permit and then all was good.

I found this article after a quick search;

Here is a link to the page to down load the permit, scroll to the bottom;

Also found this on the WA police FAQ PDF.

I have my firearms licensed in another State, do I need to register
them in WA?
Western Australia does not automatically recognise firearm licences issued in
other jurisdictions. Under Sections 17 and 17A of the Firearms Act 1973, visitors
from interstate need to apply for a temporary permit in order to lawfully possess
firearms registered elsewhere while in WA. This can either be done by contacting
Licensing Services on 1300 171 011 prior to entering WA, by making application
at the first available police station once inside WA.
You are able to apply for a temporary permit for high powered firearms at a
police station or by contacting Licensing Services directly.
If you are a new resident in WA, you must make an application for a Firearm
Licence and have your firearm stored at an ‘authorised’ facility pending the
outcome of your application.
Note: WA Police is not obliged to grant a permit.

So I have to pay to bring my equipment with me? Oh f*ck that right in the eye!

Now you know why our police force has the best Christmas parties.

$60 per permit. Yeah, nah.

Nah, you were speed reading again. The permit cost $60 not for each firearm, there is space to list 4 on the permit and it states at the bottom that if you need more space just duplicate that 1 page.

Temporary Permits are issued at a cost of $60.00 per month

Part B, (page 3) Details of Firearm/s and Ammunition must be completed for each firearm or ammunition type you
wish to possess and/or use. Duplicate the page if you wish to seek a permit for more than 4 firearms or ammunition

Uh, you’re right. Still on principle… But not too steep.

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They also hold LR shooting comp’s and courses.
Think it’s time you blokes did a visit and come to the dark side…

The Australian National Long Range Shooting Comp Shooters

An article about that place was on Landline through the ABC today. A very positive article.

The owner of the property has 2 .50 cals to hire. It’s rated for there use unlike most of the rest of Australia. Much of the property was destroyed by WA bushfires a few years ago. It has accommodation and everything you could need. He is currently restocking the property with cattle. This is a fairly lucrative sideline while he rebuilds the property. It attracts shooters from overseas with .50 cals. A worthy venture.


The place looks and sounds great, its a real shame its in the gestapo run country, I’m not giving $60 to the nazi party to bring my guns into their country!

Gday fellas:rage:
Apparently the wapol dicks are trying to shut this station down and the owners have started a gofundme page to fight the bastards. [email protected]#k WA police :rage:


Post a link to campaign page please

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