Hey Rifle bullet casters.....

What molds are we favouring, and what calibers are we casting for? Interested to hear more so what molds people are using, Lee, RCBS, CBE, Saeco, or others??

So far I only cast for the shotguns and the muzzleloader .
I have the Lee 7/8 oz Keydrive & .69 RB for 12ga.
Lee .60 RB for the .64 cal musket and 16ga.
A Russian knock off of the Lyman 12ga air rifle pellet & one in .610 in transit from the comrades that I hope will group better in the musket.

I have a Lee .58 RB for the Zuave, but I haven’t used it yet.
I’ve had a lot of fun shooting hawksberry river pills in .303 & japasaka, 6.5 Swede and 8x57, so I reckon some of those will end up getting casted in the future.

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Damn mate, just sold my Lee 8mm mold and sizer. I like HRBC, but I think you can cast better quality with a decent mold of CBE, LYMAN or RCBS brand. Not a huge fan of Lee molds, although I do have several. The Lee push through sizers are cherry ripe though.

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I use a mix of brands.

For 58 cal enfield and Zouave I use a Lyman 575 213gr Mould.

For 45 cal round ball, 12g 1oz slugs and 30cal for my 300 blackout I just use cheap lee.

45/70 I use a CBE mould. 577 snider I use 0.590” CBE but also playing with a 0.600” mould from x-ring.


X ring?? Never heard of them…

It’s a 1 man company who specializes in old Stuff for sniders and martinis. The molds I think come from NOE but are X-Ring branded.


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I cast for .30-30, .32-20, .35 Win, .38-55, .357, 9mm, .44mag, .40 cal BPCR, .45 cal BPCR and muzzle-loader. I have commercial molds from Lee, RCBS, CBE, and Lyman. I have custom molds from NOE, Buffalo Arms and Steve Brooks. Also have a couple of unknown maker.

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Awesome! I thought I had a casting fetish haha!

@danmac has a casting and reloading room about the size of my house. There are pics on here somewhere.

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Finally made it to the cave today… typing is too hard, so took a couple of photos.

The .329 sizing die however… I started casting for it (8x56R), but then I thought what if… What if I take a jacketed .338 bullet and run it through the .329 die. Works like a charm. Yet to test it in flight and I want to cut it and half and double check width of the jacket after swaging, but initial experiment of just resizing a jacketed bullet went pretty well.

.311 I cast for 7.62×38mmR, 45-70 because they don’t make bullets big enough, Carcano, Snider, Martini Henry, 12ga Lee slugs. That’s about it. The rest are from previous experiments and what not. All common and heavily consumed calibres I tend to just buy in bulk.

Also, thanks to @TheDude for sending me these cute little bullets to try (168gr 30cal for size reference).

I am not 100% with Xring mould, not so much the mould, it makes fantastic projectiles, it’s awesome, but my Snider chamber seems to be within spec, I guess, so trying CBE cast bullets before I know if I need that mould.

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CBE are equivalent to RCBS or better, I believe. David is great to deal with, I buy all my cast goodies from CBE now. I also buy Simplex dies too. I’m big on buying Aistralian, can you tell?

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I bet the snider’s are the most fun to shoot!

Still working on loads and case forming. Can’t wait to get it shooting! Martini Henry however is a lot of fun.

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Yeah the guys in my club, keep telling me I need a .577/450 MH.

It’s once in a while gun :slight_smile:

Interested to see how they go in your snider

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Will update.

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I only cast these guys now cause I can’t buy them for love nor money. Hexagonal with a 1:20 twist for use in a Whitworth BP Rifle. Mould was custom made in the U.K and cost way more then I’m prepared to share.


Nice! Whitworth Nice! Pics??

I use Lee moulds and cast for 308, 300blackout, 44 mag and 7/8 12ga slugs. Also 00sg with a sharpshooter usa mould, nice mould but I don’t think they make them any more.