Herring Model 2024 Lever Action Rifle

FightLite Introduces the Multi-Caliber Herring Model 2024 Lever Action (thefirearmblog.com)

The FightLite Industries Herring Model 2024 lever action will be offered as both a complete rifle as well as a complete lower receiver assembly for those who prefer to customize their own Herring lever action rifle in a caliber, barrel, and handguard configuration of their own choosing. The Herring will be offered through a 2-step distribution model (meaning it will be available to your local FFL through a distributor) for a starting price of $1,199.99. The rifle will be primarily chambered in 5.56 NATO, and 300 BLK but can be easily reconfigured to accept cartridges like 6mm ARC, .450 Bushmaster, or even .22LR, 5.7x28mm, .45 ACP, 9mm and 10mm using a reduced stroke-length conversion kit. For more information or to keep track of when the product is officially launched, visit www.fightlite.com.


Thoughts? I am not disgusted. I think the enclosed hammer/bolt does it for me. If it was in a more traditional style, I wouldn’t look twice at it, but box magazines, enclosed action and range of calibres - I am a little excited. Not that we are going to see it for at least 2 years or ever even, but…

…and on a related note, would completely change 3-gun comps in Australia, because this in PCC configuration can be used on dedicated Cat H ranges.


It looks pretty cool.
Im guessing that’s $1200 US though?

Uses an un modified bolt carrier group. No chance of it coming here on cat b.

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Yeah :confused:

I actually quite like it. I think it’s an innovative solution to the “We can’t have ARs” problem and would love to test one out and see how it shoots.

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Especially in 450 BM…

Ohh interesting how you went with 450… I guess I am getting weaker in my old age, I’d be picking pistol calibres.

So are you ready to sell me that 45-70 then grampa?

No, it’s part of me!

Yeah, well, call me a fudd or whatever but that is just the most abortionate piece of shit I’ve seen, looks like Bubba and his mates had a meth party over the weekend at the gunshop and walked out with that…thing. :face_vomiting:

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Attitude like this is exactly why Bubba asked me not to invite you to the party.

He, he, he. Thought I’d get a rise, if only fly fishing was so easy.

Ye, you say that now, but deep inside I know you are hurting and wanted to be there.

Yeah, no thanks. Not my cup of tea, even if I was out of my brain on meth…