Here's to Australia Day!

What a nice place to live, tell you what Im glad my parents settled here. Happy Australia Day!
I put the 12x target scope on the 14" Marlin 30-30 and did some load development. Nothing to write home about, but better than factory, so thats a win.

Targets: hit

Brass: once fired
Beer: cold
BBQ: bout 250F
Arse: planted



Yep, couldn’t think of a better place to live.


@1Fatman… Really ?, somewhere other than WA springs to mind lol…:joy:


WA’s not thaaat bad, there are certainly some pros and cons,

this is a shot from about 50 metres down the road ( and about 116 m AGL )


I feel like that’s a trap…

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I stay away from them both. Thats just me, I’m not judging though :joy: the mrs would certainly have issues with the pros bit. Lol sheesh, I had the inpression you were an inocent young fella…:hushed:

We’ve got some family there and I like hillarys beach, but I refuse to be indoctrinated by you mob lol.

That looks like somewhere err not Australian?

Na that’s just over the DMZ in North, I mean Western Australia


@bentaz obviously @AusTac can’t see the view, he’s the one looking out those windows in the blue houses. LMAO

@AusTac read about the WA North Korean ‘Peace Village’.

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This is the view from my dunny, can’t think a better one.
Fuckin Straya Mate!


Did you go in to take a pic, @bentaz or were you pooping at the time. I feel like the angle is more of a sitting down rather than standing up to take a snap :slight_smile:

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I was taking a shit


Now thats a view, drool… Out the window I mean… lol

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Is that Khazakstan?

No, it’s the view from your mum’s bedroom window.


@darwindingo yep WA, on par with the NT and TAS for scenic views and leaves all other states behind. You Mexicans definitely have better gun laws but we have better hunting lol

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Hunting? You don’t even have public land hunting, gtfo

Sheesh, Shusshtfup?, cant afford another move yet mate… The mrs is already home sick for the NT (I have to say I’m part of that Me Too Movement) mate…

He was just hunting this poor lil dingo and inciting trouble between me an the wife about moving back to the NT, need to see if there is a plugin to controll this guy… lol He’s lucky I cant find the report button… :joy:

There is definitely a “plug” in for that guy.

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