Here we go again semi semi fully no clue

Look ma, I’m a gutter ‘journalist’, I work for clicks, I made it in life lol.

Read the comments from SSAA by the way. This is the dumbest of the dumb. This is why people hate them. Absolute cowards and idiots. Started well and got bullied into submission. What a bunch of cucks.

I can’t even bring myself to read that garbage.

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I love the “military calibre bullets” comment :rofl: They’ll just try anything to get the hype going…

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I wonder if they realize that pretty much all bullets have a military background???

Or that GCA are the best gun advertising agency that there is :rofl:


The thing with the Verney Carron is that does not really have chambers of the most popular rounds. That is something that I have found a bit perplexing. Why did they go for the 223, 6.5 and the 308 first. Rather they have put themselves in the big Calibre market and the 300 win mag, 30-06 7mm Rem mag and now coming down to the 308

All I can say on the matter is F— Me Dead these people are only justifying their jobs because everything else is above them you don’t hear from them when our young blokes are being sent overseas to be shot at by automatic weapons or blown apart by IEDs and where’s the good old SSAA they should be going public and shouting from the roof tops the truth of all these lies that sam lee and the rest are telling bickering in the shadows won’t help the matter FFS when are these people going to grow up I personally am starting to think that the SSAA will be handed a carrot from the government to have all gun owners a compulsory member of the ssaa before a licence is issued in return the ssaa will step back and mellow their opposition to tightening gun laws ‘‘just my opinion’’

SSAA will not be handed anything. They don’t have the guts to ask. They are not doing anything. They are a commercial organisation that provides range and insurance facilities. As for shooters rights, they are very uneducated, out of touch, have no media experience and haven’t done anything for shooters. Try to name something they actually did for shooting sports? ADA has does more than SSAA ever will. SSAA are not transparent, they don’t actually contribute, lobby or promote. All they do is shit the bed. Like I said before, entire leadership team needs to be disbanded.


Yeah that’s putting it more clearer :laughing::laughing:

I can name something SSAA did… They helped make it illegal to hunt with a handgun in our country and made us join their clubs ( & others) to be able to own one… :pensive: I for one would never join their clubs or try and support them regularly…

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