Help with old 410 shottie…

Hey guys. I think I’ve mentioned this before but can’t find the old thread…

Day off & pulled out the bang bangs for a check over & lube.

The old Belgian 410 won’t chamber the shells. When I mentioned this before, someone mentioned the chambers might just need a good clean & carding if it’s developed surface rust…

Well, cleaned with mop, solvent, brish & even 0000 steel wool. I think it’s made the issue slightly worse!

Any other suggestions?

Photo showing how far they chamber without forcing anything & also no visible damage or deformity of shells.

Holy shit!
It does look pretty fucked up in there!!!

Those first 2 pics didnt work mate.
What length are the shells? And what length arethe chambers? Theres been a lot of length creep in .410shells over the years.

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Pics are loaded on this end.

Same shells fit previously. It hardly gets used so have only ever had one slab of ammo for it.

Tried reloading them.
Did it work at your end?

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Pics are good now mate.
Seems strange that they are the right shells, but they both don’t fit exactly the same.
They look half an inch too long to me

Yep. They’re tight at the bore end of the chamber.
Spent an hour trying to clean one side with proper scotch-bright but no joy.
Almost like it needs cleaning up with a reamer…

Maybe put a stiff brush into the drill and hit it with that?

It’s an idea for sure.

Might make up a padded bit for the drill with scotchbrite

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Maybe some bore paste on a mop hooked up to a drill.