Help with Bushnell rimfire scope review

I am going to scope an impending purchase… I know Vortex and Leupold well, but after watching a review on Savage A22R I noticed Bushnell. And then reading/watching a few reviews (Plinkster22, Ozzie Reviews for example), it seems that Bushnell is a viable choice and a lot cheaper than the alternatives.

Here’s what I am thinking:

And here is the backup plan:

And this one, which I have no idea about, but the price, brand and spec seems alright:

Any feedback would be very appreciated… My usage: ‘generic all rounder for rimfire’.

Target style (uncovered) turrets don’t bother me. So not really considering it a factor in making a selection.

Though it is not the same as what you are looking at I have a Bushnell Elite 3200 5 -15 × 50 on my 6.5x55. It is fantastic in low light, has taken a few knocks over the years but holds its zero.

It has 1/4 moa adjustments for both vintage and elevation, is waterproof and does not fog up (not that we get as cold as you do)

Can’t remember what I paid for it as it was a few years ago but it is worth every cent.


Thanks. This is good. I don’t think their manufacturing process/quality would differ a lot, so this is encouraging.

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Love my vortex stuff, have the step up from the crossfire on my lithgow .22 which has seen probably 5000 rounds now at least, never touched bushnell but people seem to like them i don’t think you can go wrong either way

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I have an Elite 6500 it is a great scope. However I dont think you can transfer quality attributes between the top end models and the bottom. They may even have some models outsourced for them. In general though Bushnell seem to have great products. I have one of there range finders as well. Actually that may be a good example of an outsourced product. It looks very much like a Leupold perhaps both made by someone else and rebadged.

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What is the paralax set to on the Elite 6500?

Its variable and goes down to below 25 yrds. Dont know under that never tried. It is the Elite Tactical model so has target turrets.

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Alright, thought I’d give it a go. Ordered the $149 model. Will update.

I’ve had variable paralax one of my 22lr for a few years. Shooting targets it is handy but i find it annoying when shooting pest control. Thinking of finding a replacement. A fixed 8x40 might be ok because that’s where i usually end up setting the variable mag for shooting at night…

What’s the annoying part about it, @gwion?

I find fixed paralax scopes are ‘in focus’ over a greater window, where as the AO scope i have needs to be ‘focused’ between say, 25m & 75m. Maybe it’s just me and I’m going blind but i just feel that less stuff to play with in the field is a good thing. A scope with paralax fixed at 50m should be better…

That’s good to know. One of those personal preference things I guess, rather than actual deficiency.

Despite being the old school simple kind of guy. I like the tactical side of it. Even on my 22 I adjust the elevation turret I can guess the range well enough 2 clicks at 25yrds 5 at 50 yrds and 1.4 at 80yrds and all the in between. The parallax a side one is one of the few that is actually calibrated very well so just dial in the range adjust the elevation a quick hold off for wind. Head Shot “Game Over”

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I don’t seem to have time for all that when there are 40 odd critters chewing and only a few shots before they all bugger off…
This is where a moderator and thermal scope would be very handy… and an electric ATV…
Yeah… right!:wink::persevere:

Or a good air rifle so they don’t hear the BANG.

People keep telling me these fancy new air rifles are pretty damn loud…?

I feel a derailment coming, get yourself a thread you two or I’m going to start deleting posts :slight_smile:

@Gwion @1Fatman

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All relevant to rimfire scope choices for field use… except maybe the electric ATV… :joy:

Couldn’t you just ignore the variable feature and set it for 50 yards for field use? That’s what most fixed paralax rimfire scopes are set to.
There’s also a post on rimfire central on changing the parralax setting on non adjustable scopes. I adjusted a cheap fixed 6X Bushnell and it works ok.