Help to identify: 7.62x54R ammo


I have a bunch of different 7.62x54R ammo, most of which I can identity by head stamp. One has been eluding me for a while. And since there’s milsurp ammo thread going, I thought I’d chuck this here and see if anyone can help.

Already looked through: - no luck.

I am somewhat sure the bottom part of the stamp is “53.11” - probably date? But the top part I am missing, which is probably more important.

What throws me, is the first character, that looks like a capital letter “L”, but with extended bottom part that underlines the rest of the writing.

After some Q&A on Reddit…

It is definitely Chinese manufacture as u/-lotalota mentioned. The top code, 791, is the factory number and the bottom number, 53.11, is the year and month of manufacture. So November 1953. Positioning of stamps can vary slightly from factory to factory but the information included and its format is typical for Chinese ammunition of the era.