Help me understand dry lube

Hoping someone helps me understand things about dry lube… Until recently I thought dry lube is graphite. Now that I am gifted with a pleasure of cleaning and maintaining a gas operated shotgun I’ve learned that there are ‘other’ types of dry lube, delivered via aerosol.

To kick it off, I bought a bottle of this:

Specifically to lube the the area where gas piston rides. Results seem to be better than oil. I am not sure about lubricity, I just have to trust that part, but it does seem to attract less carbon. Maybe it’s in my head, but, it seems that way.

Also seems to work really well for barrel maintenance under barrel shroud. Spray it down, the liquid evaporates and hopefully there’s some corrosion resistance and water displacement properties?

A bit of reading and I ended up looking at this:

Heaps cheaper and seems to do the same stuff, possibly better.

Anyway, anyone using dry lube here, tips, concerns, gotchas? Yay/nay?

I think PTFE might be the stuff they put on non-stick pans. Recently bought one, and it was on the sticker.

This is what I read as well. Probably different, in terms of one is set and there forever, the other is sprayed on as a lube… But I could be wrong.

The PTFE stuff is teflon based for it’s lubey lube effect, and that’s the extent of my knowledge lol. I’ve got a couple of different brands of the ptfe stuff and it works pretty well, not sure i completely agree with the “dry” claim though.
TBH i’ve never used it on a gun though.

Teflon or silicon are ok but never use them in the barrel or chamber. Rounds need to grip the chamber walls to prevent excessive thrust on the bolt face.